Huffman Legacy 2.7 – School

The dawn sun breaks over the trees and find the Huffman house just beginning to stir.The Huffman cottage - Old cottage style with ivy and plaster walls. And Chana's garden.

After his early morning run, Sam tends the plants in the garden. He’s normally up before everyone else and today is no exception. There are a lot of plants that need tending though. Sometimes he hires a gardener to help out. He doesn’t want them suffering because he didn’t know what he was doing. They seemed to be doing well despite his lack of skill.Sam stands in Chana's garden, the flowers and plants look healthy.

Soon though, he heard the twins waking up and knew it was time to head back inside to head off the chaos that seemed to follow them where ever they went. Especially today since today was the first day they were going to school. With Karen leaving for work at the same time, it was his job to keep the house from blowing up.

Two backpacks, one blue and one black sit on the ground stuffed with binders and books.

“Evelyn, Elisa, are you hungry?” Sam asked as he found his family right where he expected in the kitchen. Karen had already poured herself a large coffee. The girls needed no such pick me up. He tossed his jacket on the sofa and joined them giving Karen a kiss on her cheek.

Karen sits at the kitchen table, behind her are Evelyn and Elisa all grown up. Evelyn wears the black version of Elisa's light blue dress. (both where the TShirt dress, cap, and boots)

“Go get dressed, I’ll feed them,” he said. Karen nodded and took her coffee with her back into the bedroom. He turned to the twins. “What do you want for breakfast.

“Eggs and bacon!” Elisa said. “With crispy bacon.”

Sam nodded. “That I can do!” He got to work and before too long there was scrambled eggs, toast and bacon for all. Sam was glad his cooking had improved over the years. He remembered his first cooking attempt back in Granite Falls. If his mom hand’t been there to assist, it would have been a disaster, but now his food was pretty good.

“So,” Sam said as Elisa sat down. “You ready for school today?”

“I think so,” she replied.
Sam and Elisa (blue) are sitting down to eggs and bacon. Evelyn (black) is by the fridge.

“You know,” Sam said leaning close to his daughter. “I met your mom in elementary school. Maybe you’ll meet someone too.”

“Daddy,” Elisa protested.

“Exactly,” Karen added. “It’s way to soon to start thinking about boyfriends.

Sam and Elisa and Karen (now in her work clothes) all sit at the table eating and talking.

“I wasn’t thinking of boyfriends, but best friends.”

“Elisa has me as her best friend,” Evelyn said shoveling eggs into her mouth. “We’re like the dynamic duo – Batman and Robin.”

Evelyn has joined them, standing behind her sister since there are only 3 chairs at the table. I need to rebuild the kitchen nook.

“But which one of you is batman and robin?”

“That should be obvious. I’m batman because I’m wearing black. Elisa is Robin because she’s dressed like a robin egg.”

Same as before, only Evelyn is laughing at her own comment about batman.

“Well, I bet you’ll both make more friends at school. I know your Aunt Izzy was my best friend at home, but at school I had lots of best friends.”

The Huffmans finished eating and cleaned up the table. It was getting close to the time for everyone to leave. Sam didn’t work until the afternoon so he supervised the chaos of getting backpacks and briefcases ready with lunches, and secreted noted.
After breakfast everyone breaks. Evelyn is carrying the dishes into the bathroom to be washed in the sink.

And then it was time.

Elisa, Evelyn, and Karen leave the house (in that order) Elisa is running in the foreground, the other two are walking.

The house was empty without the girls.

Sam is holding the garbage in the house alone - looking rather sad.

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  1. The girls are so beautiful! I love their dress sense and their dark hair. Such a change from the blond Huffman line.

    And Sam is such an awesome dad! ninjapig and I could definitely go for some scrambled eggs on toast right now. (No bacon though, of course!) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It does! It still happens too, everyday at 8 they all leave the house, and he’s stuck there alone until just before they come home when he leaves for work. :/ Betcha he loves sick days.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I was hoping to do bit more catching up, but my eyes are drooping. 😛 So I’ll just say I love the Huffmans and seeing their house always gives me the itch to build and play a cute little Tudor.

    Liked by 1 person

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