My love of abductions probably stems from my time in Strangeville back in the TS2 era when I started playing the Sims.10-24-15_2-18-13 PM

I popped into the Curious brother’s house. Before this time I’d started a few families but I’d not been attached to anyone yet. Pascal’s daughter Penelope Curious and her near-sister Helen Curious were the first children in my “Greek Generation” for the neighborhood rotation that lasted for over a year before I moved onto Sims 3.08-04-15_10-07 PM-3

In TS3, I played with vampires, so I have no great memories of abductions from there. I think I had one female sim abducted in TS3 and none of the Biblioteques have been so blessed….yet. I live in hope.


My first abduction was to Cocoa Pigglewiggle of Sidelines. These three Pigglewiggles left the main legacy save to test out Get to Work – which of course was when aliens were introduced to the game. Aliens are my absolute favorite so when Cocoa was abducted I was thrilled.

04-04-15_2-22 PM-2

This was back before they fixed the hyper-insemination rate of the aliens and so of course Cocoa came back with a gift for all of use: Penelope Pigglewiggle.

04-04-15_10-41 PM-2

Penelope was later to witness her dad being abducted, but sadly that abduction did not result in a baby sibling for Penelope.

10-24-15_2-18-31 PM

Back in my main save I learned a valuable lesson when my legacy spouse Darin was abducted as an elder. He too came home with a present.

08-04-15_10-07 PM

My very favorite awesome: Mina Pigglewiggle. I loved her from the very start. First she brought out the softest side I’d ever seen of Darin. Ever. (He, like so many of my late generation Pigglewiggles was evil.) He was never mean or rude to Mina and although she grew up evil (darn that Pinstar trait generator), she was one of my most accomplished sims.

05-25-15_10-50 PM

Mina lived her first life out in the Pigglewiggle household but she’s eager to live as many lives as she can and would love to be in your game. She’s on the gallery #legacyescape.

07-21-15_8-56 PM

Michelangelo also was the proud recipient of an alien present.

05-30-15_2-29 PM-2

Little Julienne Pigglewiggle was unlucky enough to received the worst traits from his parents and family. But I still think back on his farewell post fondly. His voice was so unique. (And yes, I still have him so someday, he may just return).

06-05-15_9-57 PM

07-13-15_10-03 PM-2

That was the end of the successful abductions in the Pigglewiggles, but there were plenty of amusing times. The aliens were not shy about abducting people in that world. No need to wait until the dead of night when everyone was asleep.

08-04-15_10-07 PM

They abducted Bane in the middle of the street surrounded by his family. (Bane and his siblings were the son of disguised alien, not the product of an abduction).

06-23-15_10-42 PM

06-23-15_10-42 PM-3

Then they abducted Ivy’s husband right after their wedding ceremony. I assume it was to check out his suitability – a sensible precaution as I’m still convinced she married him just to get out of the legacy household.

07-01-15_2-09 AM-2

Right after aliens were confirmed I started and finished my Wonderchild challenge. I wanted to have a situation where either parent could get pregnant. To my immense happiness, both became pregnant at the exact same time so it was a race to see which would give birth first. It was down to the last second.

04-11-15_8-41 PM-3

Later on, aliens abducted our father figure again so when he returned and I suspected he had been given a parting gift, I had Lo try for baby again.

04-12-15_5-29 PM-2

Cain is a full-alien hybrid from the abduction. His little sister Lillith is like her older siblings and only half-hybrid.

04-15-15_10-19 PM

In the apocalypse challenge that Adam is continuing his wife was abducted soon after she moved into the house. But of course that couldn’t result in anything – I may blame them for her later triplets though. I’ve never had triplets before. None inherited their father’s skin though. Too bad.

My latest legacy story hasn’t had any epic abductions yet. Arturo was never abducted, which is a real shame, I’d love to get some alien genetics in the mix. Sam has been abducted twice and both times I held my breath after he returned. Not funny feelings. Darn. I did get some great shots though.

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