Huffman Legacy 2.9 – Jealousy

“What do you want to do at the park?” Evelyn asked her sister. Elisa shrugged.

“Anika said she was going to be there. So I’ll probably see what she wants to do.”

Evelyn sighed, Elisa was always playing with her other friends. She frowned, it wasn’t fair.

The twins are sitting on the couch, cereal bowls in hand, smiling.

“Girls?” Karen looked up. The twins had been quiet…perhaps too quiet. “Are you done with breakfast?” She wanted to get this article done, but if she took too long they would be up to something. Why had she ever wished them mobile? They were so much easier when they were safe in their cribs.

Karen is typing on her computer - you can "just" see the tops of the twin's heads across the room.

“Almost done,” Elisa called back. And sure enough they quickly stood up and put there dishes in the dishwasher. Karen sighed, but she saved her work and stood up.

“Shall we go?”

“Yes!!” the girls raced out of the door. Karen laughed. It had been a good idea to promise the park. They were just so full of energy all the time. These days she was exhausted all the time. She suppressed a sigh and followed them more slowly to the docks.

Evelyn raced into the park the moment the bus dropped them off. Elisa hung back, looking for her friend. Anika said she was going to come to the park too.

This was the first time she’d been here and there was so much to do. Plenty of warm rocks to cloud-gaze on, a huge spaceship to play on. There were even chess boards and lots of people playing chess. Elisa thought she might want to learn chess someday.Elisa is soaking up the Oasis springs air with a small smile and her eyes closed.

Anika wasn’t anywhere to be seen though, Elisa thought looking around again. It was crowded but not that crowded. Maybe she was just arriving. She turned to look down the path, perhaps she was coming down now. She only saw a weird looking guy in a hat. Anika wasn’t there.

04-21-16_6-35-56 PM

“Hey, you’re a twin, aren’t you,” the man said suddenly. Elisa nodded, not sure how he would know that. “That’s great cuz for a second there I thought I was seeing double and going around in circles. Waiting for your sister? She back that way.” The man pointed. Elisa had a bad feeling. She followed the path and rounded a corner in time to see and more importantly hear, Evelyn.

“Anika! You made it, I’m glad you come.”
04-21-16_6-33-22 PM

“Um, Elisa?” Anika asked hesitantly.

“Yeah, it’s me, Elisa. What do you want to play?”04-21-16_6-33-55 PM

“How dare you!” Elisa rushed in. She couldn’t believe that Evelyn would pretend to be her. Everyone liked Evelyn better; there was no reason for her to steal the few friends she had.04-21-16_6-32-04 PM

“How dare I?” Evelyn shouted back. “You came all the way here and wanted to play with your friend. Who was I supposed to play with? The rocks?”04-21-16_6-32-01 PM

“Girls,” their mom interrupted them in mid-shout. “If you don’t want to play will be going home.”

That quieted them, but they didn’t have as much fun as they had hoped.

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