An orange tabby sleeps in a box. "Complete" is written over it's head.

Catlateral Damage


Title screen for Catlateral Damage game - a cat looking poised with a lot of clutter falling behind it.

So earlier this week, this game was on sale and I can’t say I’m one to resist a $5.99 cat game. The object is simple. Knock things off of shelves and caught as much damage as you can.

Story Mode or “Objective Mode” has four or five levels. The object is to know of X number of things onto the floor. The time limit can be up to 10 minutes if there are a lot of items. And you as a cat must jump and swat all the things. You also level up as you go.

I completed the game in about 3 or 4 hours and that’s after getting confused early on about the game’s objective.A black cat sits on the bed. It "says" - I have nothing to do. Time to make a mess!

You’d think it was clear but I got messed up on the bonus items and such and thought “that” was the goal. It’s even clearly posted in the screen 41/160 items with only a 1:29 left. But I kept seeing the 19 plates and thinking that was the first goal. Don’t do that. Just knock everything off.
Cat view looking up at the kitchen sink and cabinets beyond filled with cups and plates. The Time, goals and bonus itmes are in the upper left corner.

Plates are falling off the cabinet.

If you succeed you can move forward in the game to the next level. If you fail you start over.

End screen for the level which tally ups the points and shows you all you've knock off.

An orange tabby sleeps in a box. "Complete" is written over it's head.

For most of the game I played the orange tabby (once I unlocked it) in honor of my own book-tumbling kitties. You can unlock about 15 of them?  I unlocked about 4.

Besides the time limit there are special events that happen from time to time. Like “catch the red dot” or “moon gravity” or “disco”. I particularly liked the power outage since the music was a bit crazy and the power outage turned the music off.

The game in "disco" mode is filled with swirling lights and it's really hard to see.

So yeah – highly inventive and different every time this game is Not. Fun for a couple hours. Most definitely. There are several “secret worlds” I have no idea how to unlock them, but I did unlock the “Box Purradise” level. Which was really fun.

We unlocked kitty paradise, a land of carboard boxes, toy mice, plants, and tons of powerups.

Tips? Not many although I learned to love the middle mouse “forward shove” when on bookcases. It was even better than the swipe until my swipe powers leveled up. Bookcases are your friends, but you only get points if it hits the floor or breaks. So when it falls on the bed, you’re only half there.

Orange tabby paw is swiping right on a bookcase at a pile of nicely stacked books.

You end the level by jumping in the box - this one is labeled "to box purradise"

Orange Tabby on a bed saying - "I have nothing to do. Those humans will pay."


  1. Lol how adorable … I had an evil orange tabby … He was a menace to the neighborhood ha ha ha … Being evil, fat and clever he devoured so many birds from neighbors feeder that I had to rehome him to a farm or they would rehome me lol

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