I’ve got some work to do with Ghost and Huffmans that were delayed by the newest update. More in managing my cc. But since I haven’t the today to get either ready, I figured I play for a day and try out the new dining experience. Everyone else is doing it.

You may know our restauranteer – Shannon Drifter from my Drifter Challenge. After achieving the chef aspiration, I figured Shannon was perfect to run this newly minted restaurant. With only our starting funds of 15,000 simoleons, the restaurant is rather quaint.

This is the Burning Bowl.

06-08-16_10-54-29 PM

We’re hoping to specialize in “bowl” dishes going forward. Right now we’re sticking to level one foods. Now that our menu is set. It’s time to open.

Our first customers. They actually ended up pretty happy in the end despite his face. Perhaps he’s just starstruck?

06-08-16_11-03-27 PM

We managed to get one famous face to work for us.

06-08-16_11-03-05 PM

Colette Rosebrook! Hi!!!! *waves* Colette is from CitizenErased14’s Ashes to Ashes Legacy and I borrowed her for a short story once so she’s sitting around in this Timeless save.

Our place was hopping all day. And we had a few familiar faces (okay one other face) but I completely spaced on getting a picture of him. I’ll be sure not to make that mistake again. Twice all three tables were filled.

06-08-16_11-15-17 PM

When the last rush ended we closed the restaurant to new customers and focused on our final table. Shannon wanted to make sure everyone got that personal touch on our first day and we were all starting to drag as we approached the 10 hour mark.

If you’re wondering a “bowl of olives” was our most popular meal. Everyone just ordered appetizers and drinks today, but I’m not concerned none of our main dishes are in bowls yet so I’d almost rather not have them.

How do the finances look, Shannon?

06-08-16_11-15-43 PM

2016-06-08 23_17_45-The Sims™ 4

I’d say that was pretty good! We even earned a star! Looks like the extra touch Shannon was giving out was perfect. We can’t really expect much of our new help yet since they’re all level 1 in their skills, but hopefully they’ll work out. I’m a little worried since our host is pregnant and we may need to replace her when she goes on maternity leave.

But for now, it’s time to close up shop and head home.

06-08-16_11-19-22 PM


Nite ya’ll. I’ll try and get some screenshotting in tomorrow, but if not we’ll continue our adventures with Shannon here.06-08-16_11-19-49 PM

Oh! PS if you see it, let me know what you think of my new theme. I had to redo my menus and I have had my eye on this theme for a few weeks now. I’ve got some clean up to do for how it displays things, which always happens when you change themes, but hopefully this one will last me through the year. I will be making edits to the hope page and to some of the story pages over the next few days.