Ticket to Ride

Today we have another mobile board game (Like Carcassone and Pandemic). If you’ve got “real” friends feel free to buy this board game and play with them, it’s super fun. Otherwise, you can play with computer friends on your iPad or other mobile thingy.


The premise here is that you are building rail connections between cities. You draw cards at the beginning of the game and pick which cities you want to connect. The farther apart the cities the more points.


I picked Seattle to New York (22pts) and Denver to El Paso (4pts) because you have to pick two at the start. Then you are dealt a hand. You get cards of various colors. Black cards can be placed on black paths and orange on orange.


On your turn you can draw two cards or place cards on the board to take that line. You have to take the full path. (Grey paths are any matching colors).


Blue has already taken two paths near the bottom of the board. We’re still saving up. At this point. You want the longer paths if you can because they’re worth more points.


Eventually, someone gets down to just a few more trains remains and you total up your scores. You already got points just for placing the trains, now you get points for each path you’ve finished (You could draw more mid-game if you wanted). You do however lose points if you don’t complete a path so you can’t just draw crazily.


You can also get extra points if you have the “longest route.”


Unlike Carcassonne, I don’t think the AIs have a “strategy level.” In Carcassonne AIs could be easy, hard, evil. Here I think they all act the same, although I do find Jane Stanbot seems to rarely win.

It’s a pretty relaxing game with carnival-esk music. I played a ton of it when I first got my cats and we were trying to get used to each other.


Your two cents,

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