ISBI Flashback: Gen 2.11

Cherie and Razta play in the kitchen. Razta is caught mid-leap.
Half the time Razta freaks out at Cherie – the other half they’re the best of friends.
Fleur asleep. Her thought bubble is food.
Sometimes I like to check on my sims when they are sleeping. Fleur is thinking of food.
Basil with a progress chart as his thought bubble.
Basil dreams of improving grades.
Razta on the couch. Dreaming of food.
Of course, Razta is food.
Basil holding Sage.
I love how Basil is autonomously caring for little Sage.
From the other side now. Obviously his right side is better?
Really, it’s just too cute.
Fleur upstairs blocking the bed as she sings to her IF.
While Fleur just plays with her imaginary friend.
Cherie and Razta again.
More adorable puppy spam. I finally put a fence around the house and locked Razta in. She just always was escaping and getting lost.
Basil reads to Fleur.
Big brother award.
Melville is now an elder.
And the time is come. Soon I must pick a new Torch-Bearer.
Melville has slightly greyed purple hair.
Although I like his new elder look!
Basil set the stove on fire.
Basil, despite his name – should probably not be cooking autonomously yet.
Melville to the rescue.
Reasons to have a firefighter in your house.
Razta eats from her bowl.
Look! Razta is eating! It’s a miracle.
Cherie and Basil chat.
“Basil, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be the heir.”
Fleur was drawing, but her birthday interrupted.
Birthday time – she’s never going to finish that painting now, is she?
As a teenager, Fleur is blond, pale, and rather ordinary. Not purple hair, no pointed ears, no dark Clio skin.
Yeah – I don’t know Fleur, you’re not really anything special….sorry?
Cherie is caressing her belly in a pregnant sim manner.
Umm….What?! I forgot I took this picture. Does this mean Cherie is pregnant?! Please no?
Basil relaxes in the hot tub.
And there we have it. I went with Basil as the Heir since he’s first born. Creative, right? He’s still a teen so we’re going to play him as a teen until University.

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