Huffman Legacy 2.15 – It’s an Emergency

06-28-16_8-06-31 PM

06-28-16_9-00-43 PM

06-28-16_11-28-31 PM

06-28-16_11-59-50 PM

06-29-16_12-03-17 AM

06-29-16_12-08-40 AM

06-29-16_12-09-22 AM

06-29-16_12-12-03 AM

06-28-16_11-28-10 PM

06-29-16_12-06-48 AM

06-29-16_12-06-16 AM

06-29-16_12-17-48 AM

06-29-16_12-26-55 AM

06-29-16_12-27-54 AM

06-29-16_12-31-48 AM

06-29-16_12-34-13 AM

06-29-16_12-36-32 AM

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Author’s Note: The Huffmans just seem to get more and more wordless as I continue. I had a lot of fun piecing this together. At first, I was going to reshoot some pictures and be all drama!(tm). Looking over the pictures I had though, I decided these shots did it justice and no need to try to do more.

And yes, Sam finally panicked, but he had good reason to. We’ll learn more soon!


  1. I loved this one! And OMG is that twins again?!?! Oh goodness, Karen, do you see what you’ve done? 😛 Welcome to the world little nooboos! Though I’m sad and confused why one is in a different room..? :-/

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    • Yup, twins. o.O Neither Karen nor I were expecting that. (Although in retrospect we should have?)

      And we’ll learn more next chapter about what happened and why Sam panicked (as well as their names).

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  2. I’m going to guess the son has to stay in the hospital post-birth for extra care. Must’ve been a rough transition. T_T I was one of those nooboos that didn’t get to go home right away either (I was born with spinal meningitis… ick).

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  3. Jazz!!!! You’re becoming friends with the monster!!!

    Oh and Hi Nooboo x2!!! I see a pink bassinet so I’m guessing boy and girl!

    And how absolutely adorbs is Sam in that early pic by the Baby Feels picture??

    And yeah Karen- hate to say it lady but you were your own planet there, not surprised about twins really. Even before the babies were born I though…wow she’s big, could it be twins again?

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    • And she’s not my biggest by far (and that was a single birth). But she’s a bit bigger all around despite being an active sim she hasn’t had a chance to work out much. And that makes for a bigger pregnancy. I didn’t check though – I left it as a surprise for me.

      Technically that pink one is Pippin (This time I remember!). Lol. So your gender guess is right, but the game just gave me a random color for the bassinet. 90% of all pictures in Huffmans are game based.


  4. Oh!!! I wasn’t body shaming Karen at all!!! I hope it didn’t come across that way. I just wasn’t sure if the game made her bigger because she was carrying twins!!

    And awesome that Pippin arrived in the pink! That hasn’t happened yet for me!!


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