Huffman Legacy 2.16 – He’s Coming Home

Sam spend the day at the hospital. Final day. He thought relieved. Unless something weird happened, they were releasing Pippin to go home. Sam longed to hold his son outside of the white hospital lights.

07-14-16_1-31-24 AM

Paige had come home almost immediately. A healthy baby and the girls took their turns spoiling her rotten already.

07-07-16_8-32-55 PM

Paige was happiest outside and the most non-fussy baby you could ask for. Although Sam wasn’t home as much as he wanted to be so he had to rely on Karen and girls’ stories.
07-07-16_8-29-26 PM

Sam spent his evenings with Pippin. Alone in his tiny incubator – not that he didn’t have every nurse wrapped around his adorable perfect and tiny hands. But Sam was itching to take him home. To introduce him to the family. To know he was fully healthy.

This evening was hopefully going to be that day. He’d brought the baby carrier in from the car hoping that it wasn’t pushing his luck. The nurses had already told him about how they didn’t like to use the ‘h’ word, as they called it, around the babies.

07-14-16_1-39-21 AM

“It’s just a superstition,” the nurse explained, “but it seems that when we start talking about h-o-m-e they just get sick,” she gave a little shrug. “It’s a little silly we know, but we avoid it if we can.”

So Sam hoped bringing the carrier in from the car wouldn’t jinx the process or anything. But his fears were unfounded, and the process went smoothly. And before he knew it Sam was back in the car and Pippin was with him. He drove carefully back home.

07-07-16_10-28-07 PM

07-07-16_10-17-38 PM

07-07-16_10-17-20 PM

Pippin looked twice as tiny, in a regular sized crib, but it was nice to see his eyes opened and alert and most importantly, no wires attached.

07-07-16_10-32-24 PM

“Is he okay?” Evelyn asked.

Sam nodded. “Clean bill of health.”

07-07-16_10-35-20 PM

“But mama said we have to be extra careful around him,” Jasmine said with a scowl. Sam wanted to reassure her that Pippin would be just as fun to play with as his sister. But he knew that at least for now, the games they often played with Paige would be too much for him.

But when he got a little bigger, he was going to worth the worry and the caution.

07-14-16_1-02-51 AM

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Author’s Note: It’s a short one today, but we are really near the twins aging up and I wanted to get at least a shot with all the kids while they were still all kids. But in reality the twins aged up the day after the babies were born. So we’re twisting time just a tad for this and I didn’t want to push my story luck. Imagine that the twins are 12 or 13 in that last shot and Pippin and Paige are like 6 or something. Quick shout-out to Munterbacon – whose #BoredomCutie on the Gallery served as an emergency nurse! And stayed tuned for the adorableness that will be Pippin.


  1. Oh my gosh I love the name Pippin! I can’t wait to see the girls as teens and him as a child. The cuteness never ends in the Huffman house!

    Liked by 1 person

    • They are positively adorable. I checked. The twins don’t look identical anymore, bit they all have such interesting faces. I love the name Pippin as well. There was a musical called Pippin I watched as a child. So its an odd association and not the normal Lord of the rings association in my head. But the name is still adorable.

      Liked by 2 people

        • Really!! It’s not a popular musical that’s for sure. I wasn’t sure if anyone else had seen it. I literally grew up with the musical. I think I watched it (we taped it off TV) for the first time when I was like 12. Or maybe earlier. That was when I remember watching it.

          (My family has very bizarre tastes – our favorite movie is Fairy Tale Theater’s Princess and the Pea – another thing I’d bet no one has seen.)

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  2. Fairy Tale theater with Shelly Duvall?? Yes I’ve seen many episodes of that. /squeeee

    And as I mentioned in my comment a few chapters ago, my sister in law just had twin girls and they were in the NICU for a while with the feeding tubes, wires, incubators, blue light for jaundice all that stuff.

    Because I just got GYW, was Pippin having to stay a game decision or a story telling decision for you?

    Welcome Paige and Pippin!!


    • The decision was storytelling, but based on the fact the game spawned his bassinet in the second room. I’ve never had that happen so I wanted to explain it. So the nurse picture is one of my few “for the story” picture in this legacy. That’s half the fun of this is trying to find the plots that are already there.

      Oh my! Yes. Just ask, our family will quote Princess and the Pea for HOURS! It’s chalk full of awesome lines. I’m sure we didn’t see them all, but we saw a lot of them.


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