Bloopers & Outtakes: Arturo Huffman (Early Years)

I take a lot of screenshots. A lot.

I have over 2,000 pictures from generation 1 Huffmans. (2,226 to be exact). Some of that is because I’m never sure what I’m going to be writing about so I take a lot – but a bunch happen when I know I want to capture an event (like a proposal), I take multiples from different angles. That means that not all 2,000 pictures are unique. But there are some that I didn’t share, that were humorous but not appropriate, or just random pictures I liked and didn’t use.

Arty’s first days were tough, no home, no tent, nothing, but the few simoleons in his pocket.

12-17-15_10-17-13 PM
Hanging out at bars was a favorite past time – they had food!
12-17-15_10-44-21 PM
His arms don’t look too misshapen in this picture.
12-17-15_11-24-53 PM
Bench warmer.
12-20-15_10-17-59 PM
And he’s down for the count.

Once he got the tent and the job, life got easier.

12-21-15_2-00-43 AM
Take note for future bloopers – Arty with the guitar on the lot – is the preferred Arty.
12-21-15_12-07-29 AM
Tiny Feet!

To find the right spouse though he met a LOT of women.

12-21-15_2-16-00 AM

12-20-15_10-25-07 PM

12-21-15_2-17-55 AM

12-21-15_12-48-50 AM
Seriously? I took like seven shots of Arty with the bears. I had to know I wasn’t going to use them.
12-30-15_11-57-29 PM
Our first mail lady. (That’s Karen’s mom!)

12-21-15_2-25-07 AM

12-21-15_2-48-58 AM
Of course we all know who the winner was.
12-31-15_1-49-24 AM
I like to try out odd angles, see what the sims see. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes when I write, a cute shot just doesn’t fit anymore.

12-31-15_2-06-04 AM
Bella’s pregnancy in the legacy didn’t happen until quite a while after Chana and Arty were together.

Remember his proposal to Chana?

12-31-15_12-27-07 AM

There were several shots I took randomly while they did their adorable flirty thing.

12-31-15_12-38-01 AM
Yeah – well Bella was getting on with her husband just over the bushes.
12-31-15_12-43-09 AM
And then they walked through the dip kiss.

If you look this dip kiss did make it in, but at some interesting angles. We also had a mod conflict issue that day (I had installed Snow Day and not uninstalled it – ruining some of my shots).

12-31-15_12-10-17 AM
Snow bushes, sigh.

Luckily these two were meant to be despite the proposal hiccups.

12-31-15_2-13-30 AM

2015-12-21 03_25_20-The Sims™ 4
Yes, she thought about him ALL the time.
12-31-15_12-01-39 AM
Flirty Arty is always my favorite Arty.


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