Ghost 25 – A Promise

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  1. I loved this, you did such an amazing job conveying so much with no words! The wedding was lovely, but the ending made me so sad 😦 I especially loved Julia looking for James. It must have made her so sad that he didn’t show up. 😦 And oh dear, that last screenshot… :-/ Julia still loves you, James. 😦 I hope he is able to realize that.

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    • She did specifically have the wedding at the house and an evening ceremony in hopes he would come. 😦 It’s so sad.

      And yay! I’m glad it worked out wordlessly, it’s the longest ‘single’ scene I’ve attempted in this format and crafting the “story” behind it was really important in this case.

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  2. Oh boy, it kinda looks like James is about to trash the place. Poor kid. 😦 And Julia just wants them to be friends again. D’aaawww.

    Holy something that’s a lot of Sims on one lot. I applaud you; crowd scenes are a PAIN to shoot in my opinion, but you managed it really well. Such a nice wedding, too! I keep rewatching the pics and staring at the people in the background because it’s fun to see people having a good time (also am I seeing things because one of the guests looks like Tad with glasses? That’s hilarious. :D).

    I especially loved the start of the chapter with Julia drinking tea on the porch and Bre joining her. So peaceful and full of love. I can just hear the birds singing in the background. Julia and Bre are adorable together. Also the scenery shots were so beautiful, especially the one with the moon!

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    • Yeah, James is not very happy at all. 😦

      They were actually pretty well behaved!I need turned autonomy back on! And yes Tad was there, 🙂 I use him an an extra often. I don’t recall if he or I made the formal outfit. But he possibly thinks he’s being all Superman like, hiding behind those glasses.

      The first ‘set’ of photos, that morning, are my absolute favorite all time wordless interlude. It is so peaceful.

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      • Tad: “Well, I COULD use my powers to make myself look like ANYTHING I wanted, but these – what do you call them? – hipster glasses? Yes… they are enough.”


        When I was “reading” that morning scene I happened to be listening to some calm music and it just went perfectly with it. It was a great moment.

        Nice to know your guests behaved well. When I’ve played weddings in TS4, 2/3 of them have been hilariously disastrous. In one, a smelly bum stole a piece of the wedding cake before my couple had a chance to cut it, and in another, a bartender I’d hired freakin’ died in the middle of things, and everyone freaked out. Well, except for the groom, who had just taken a piece of cake and just casually kept eating it while he watched the bartender’s soul being reaped. Deep denial and all that.

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        • Sounds like Tad. 😀 Oooh – that sound like the perfect music to go with that morning.

          I was very lucky I know. haha. Those events are the that are hilarious to watch. You’re sitting there trying to make everything work and just watching it all slide sideways. :/

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  3. Congratulations to Julia and Bre! To quote Janice: “I wish you a lifetime of happiness”!

    Did they have the wedding at her parents’ house? I feel bad for James. This must be really hard on him.

    I really liked an only picture chapter. Those are so powerful.

    Is Bre short for something?

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    • There will be much happiness in the family, I’m sure.

      They did have it at the house, Julia wanted to have it on case James wanted to come. But yeah, it’s still too hard on him to imagine Julia having a life away from him.

      Bre is short for Breana. The game named her. So I can take no credit.

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      • Then it’s a bit sad he didn’t went and talked to her. He shouldn’t be angry, though i do understand his feelings. She’s his best and only friend and he was used to be her only friend and now everything has changed. She’s married to the love of her life and she’s got this whole other life going on and I think James feel like there isn’t room for him in it. I think he might be afraid that Julia is gonna forget about him. And that’s probably why he’s so angry.

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  4. Beautiful wedding ! So romantic ! I love the feeling of the whole day,, and I love the moments Bre and Julia stole together . So hard for James to be left behind . I’m reading on my tiny nook so I didn’t notice Tad and had to go back to find him!


    • Tad was more of an Easter Egg for you and Ripu since he’s all in disguise, but I couldn’t help but sneak him in. I’m fairly sure the Grim Reaper wasn’t actually at their wedding. Then again Julia was marked by him, so who knows.

      This may be my best wedding ever. I love seeing how far I’ve come in Simlit – compared to my first wedding of Lemongrass and Mitchell, I’ve improved significantly in mood and composition.

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      • This was an amazing wedding–so full of feeling, planned events, and spontaneous moments! I’ll go back and reread on my computer, so I can see the pictures Big-size! 🙂 I really love the way you tell wordless stories.

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  5. Awwwww I’m so sad to see angry James at the end when Julia would have rather had nothing less than have her long time friend there to help her celebrate!!

    I had to laugh that the bed was right there but Bre pulled Julia in the closet for a quickie before the ceremony!!

    Awww I loved they had a strawberry cake as their wedding cake! So sweet.

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