One of the University Buildings

ISBI Flashback 3.3 – Moving Day

Basil kneels in front the the Biblioteque House.
That foreboding night proved to be even more foreboding as visiting the family broke my game.
Basil and Fleur doing homework in the yard. The houses are different from their previous neighbors.
Notice what’s different? (Besides ISBIs autonomously studying). Yeah, We moved to Moonlight Falls. We left all out family behind. (I may save them later).
Basil and his mom in the car. A bridge is behind them.
With one more day of teenagerdom, we finally finish learning to drive. Woot!
Melville is petting Razta on the couch.
Cuteness alert – I’m trying really hard to get the pet youth thingy, but it requires the PET to get points. So I have to be prepared to say goodbye.
Basil thinking before he blows out the candles on his birthday cake.
And then the moment of truth! What do you suspect he’s wishing for?
Close up of Basil's face. His purple hair is longer now. He looks older, I think.
Yikes, he’s an attractive purple-haired sim. 🙂 I love how much they change with each life stage.
Basil sits down in front of the computer.
Whatcha doing, Basil?
The University website is on the computer. He's applying to Uni.
Ah, it’s revenge time. This time we will succeed in University. Scholarship or no.
Basil walks off with his suitcase, Mom and Dad are seeing him off. (Sister Fleur is already heading back to the house).
Goodbye family!
Basil is staring at the cute college girls.
Hello University.
Basil and a short skirted college girl have great chemistry. Hearts are flying.
It’s a good thing our move scrambled his memories – he doesn’t remember his HS gf so he’s free to pursue whomever he wishes.
Basil chats with another woman in a blue halter and short brown hair.
He has chemistry with a lot of his roommates.
The girl in the blue halter chats with Basil. A red color square in her speech bubble.
Red is the best color in the world.
A teal color square is in Basil's speech bubble.
Really? Then why aren’t you wearing it? The best color is clearly teal, which I am wearing.
Basil on his bicycle, the school buildings loom behind.
I love how this university looks! It’s so pretty!
Basil, backpack swung over one shoulder, approaches the campus.
Time for classes. This time we’re going to study, study, study.
Basil exits the class, blue halter girl, the original mini skirt girl, and a new girl in a pink halter wander around the campus.
So many women for Basil to get to know outside of class.
Pink halter girl and blue halter girl are watching Basil work out.
Okay – mostly studying. It’s important to stay fit.
Basil chatting to another girl with a flour in her long black hair.
Studying. Yes. That’s what we call it.

Oops – University is not all fun and games and girls…








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    • Oh – dear, I knew they were dangerous for eating Sims, I didn’t know they could kill them! This happened autonomously, but I didn’t even know to be terrified. I don’t think they killed in TS2…but maybe I’ve just been very very lucky.

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