As children, Evelyn and Elisa had been pretty close to identical. Sure Elisa was eager to talk to anyone and everyone and Evelyn spent most of her time on the monkey bars. They fought some, but mostly they were paired well and enjoyed the shenanigans they could get up to as twins.






After their birthday though it was different. Their similarities were minimized as the two girls grew up.



They were still friends, but what started as small preferences for solitary or a desire for crowds, turned into well-stated likes and dislikes. Elisa was always inviting her friends over.


Although Evelyn’s fondness for the outdoors meant she was never too far away.


“Evelyn?” Jasmine asked over breakfast. “Is it different? Being a teenageer?”

Evelyn nodded sagely and looked over at Elisa. “It is, isn’t it Els? It’s completely different.


“As teenagers, we’re now completely nocturnal, we’re actually having dinner right now and will be going to school late tonight.”

Jasmine stared at her sisters a moment and then burst into giggles at her sister’s words. “You’re just the same as ever.”

It was true. Evelyn sense of humor had come through her transition to teenagerdom intact. But in some ways, they were completely different now that they were teenagers. They might not be truely nocturnal, but mornings were more challenging. Sometimes, it was all they could do to stumble through breakfast before the bus came.


Their morning troubles were not helped by Elisa’s new fondness for all things Windenburg. Like their Aunt Izzy, Elisa preferred the bustling city, cafes, and clubs over the peaceful tranquility of the island. As long as she could convince Evelyn to go with her and it was a weekend they were trusted in a select number of places. For example, the HH Club – a new under 18 club that had opened recently. It was a great place for meeting up with classmates after school and, most importantly to Elisa, for dancing.

Exterior of the HH Club, our twins are going inside.

Evelyn sits on a couch talking to a blonde boy with a red checkered shirt.







They were also allowed at their Aunt Izzy’s bar where Sam and Karen were certain someone was looking over their girls and their friends. Plus there, everyone knew they were underage.





Author’s Note: Yes! I’m back. I know it’s been forever but I was totally struggling to find a way to weave all these pictures together. I wrote some but it missed half my pictures, so this is a little more picture heavy than normal, but I wanted to put in all my twin-spam. I’ll have to go in game to remember our boy’s names, are they potential spouses? Perhaps! We’ll have to see what the girls think. Right now, they’re just enjoying the town. And a special thanks to ThePlumbob for her teen lounge! I highly recommend her Bloomer Legacy.