Pink House & Fairies

I don’t want to go back to posting 1 to 2 times every two weeks. So I’m going to work to include other – non-story posts in from time to time. Or at least post something.

So while I’m working on my next Ghost Chapter and continuing to angst about the Huffman’s lack of direction and while poor Basil is stuck in college…here are a couple things I’m also working on.

This little gem of a tiny house.
This little gem of a tiny house. I call it Penny Worthe

I need to figure out the second floor and do landscaping. But I had a blast making this. It started off as a red-brick square, but it came together the moment I put the green doors on it. Interior pictures to come.

But the real effort this week went into Briar. Which if you are on the forums at all, you’ve seen her. I’ve never spent so much time designing a sim before. She evolved over the course of a day since I wasn’t sure what I wanted her to look like.

This was fairy 1 – and actually the closest to the final fairy version since I ended up using the hair and clothes. Sometimes you are right the first time.
Fairy 2. I adore the contrast of blue and orange here. This ended up being the body model for my fairy in the end. There’s something so lovely and insectoid about the alien eyes.
Fairy 3. If I could have made the tattoos white. (Which I guess I could have with a bit more effort) – This lovely fairy had some great potential. And the tattoos ended up being used in the final fairy.
Once I settled on the look, I played around with skin color. But in the end, the pale vampire-white look seemed the best to me.
Almost the final version of Brair. (I have a white CAS background on my main computer). Her traits are Jealous, Childish, and Loves the Outdoors – with Kleptomaniac coming in a close fourth. Non-commital would also work well for a fairy, but I bet it conflicts with Jealous.)
Makeup was one of the harder things to get looking how I wanted it to look. But she turned out lovely and very fey.
Of course, she lives in the Hidden Glade.

I’ve got an entire folder in my mods called: Fairy CC for this lovely lady.


Body & Hair: 

  • LeahLillith Nefarious Hair (alpha hair mesh, required)
  • Nefarious Clayified for TS4 (actual hair shown)
  • Fairy Wings
  • Tanja1986 Default Alien Skin Replacement (I didn’t grab the eyes and I may test her without this to see what the difference is)
  • She’s got two sets of tattoos, one that covers both shoulders and arms and one down her thigh. They are in my normal cc folder so I’m not sure which one I grabbed.


  1. She’s beautiful and very ethereal. I like her traits because as much as Disney would have us believe that Tinkerbelle and her fairy friends are good little beautiful people, I”m certain we know fae to be tricksters and bound to hold a grudge and perhaps even mean…

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