House Tour – The Pink House

So I made this adorable sim. Her name is Penny Worthe.


And placed her in an empty world (literally, I erased EVERYTHING from the world). I repopulated the world with simselves and shared story characters. But Penny needs a house since every lot is empty.


She gets to live in the adorable pink house. It’s tiny. Downstairs is the living, kitchen, and bathroom (unpictured because it’s only three squares and I couldn’t get a good shot.)



She is not afraid of colors, let me tell you. And those are super tall walls. The living room looks very cozy, even with tje vaulted ceiling and massive windows.


But where does she sleep you might ask? Upstairs. The house is actually too small to have stairs inside, so there’s a staircase round the back. (Darn, looks like I need to drop the back awning to match the other two).


The room is just big enough to fit a bed.


But I’m all over her reading nook. Best location ever!


I built the house on the Oakensted lot. So the grounds are huge. I even made a pond out back.


But I was a little too lazy to surround it in rocks likeI wanted to. Maybe someday when I’m ready for some mind-numbing rock placement, I’ll finish that off.

Lot Details

Lot Name: PennyWorth
Cost: §59,895
House Size: 1Br 1Bath
Lot Size: 50×50

This is on the gallery. Check for cc and search my username ra3rei or for PennyWorthe. (I don’t think you can url link to cc builds). Uses all expansions except City Life (cuz that’s released next Tuesday), Kids Room, and Spooky Stuff. You will want to place with Moo. This house is cc-heavy, I’m afraid. But all of the cc is from Peacemaker’s Sets and cc.

CC Used

Exterior Build CC

  • Vaulted Ranch Windows
  • Painted Brink Wall
  • Spashback Glass Tiles

Interior and Clutter CC

  • Myra Living Polygon Mirror
  • Myra Living Fiddle Leaf Tree
  • Myra Living Pencil Holder
  • Myra Living Tube Vase
  • Myra Living Origami Gem
  • Myra Living Throw Pillow
  • Atwood Dining Anemone Table
  • Atwood Dining Fruit Bowl
  • Atwood Dining Glass Eggs
  • Atwood Dining Bird Next Ferns
  • Atwood Dining Dragged Vase
  • Atwood Living Plain Throw Pillow
  • Atwood Living Room Divider
  • Atwood Living Tree of Knowledge
  • Lennox Kitchen Secto Wide Pendant
  • Lennox Dining Crackle Vase
  • Lennox Dining Cast Iron Leaves
  • Shaker Kitchen Refrigerator Nook
  • Shaker Kitchen Salt & Pepper Duo
  • Shaker Kitchen Herb Pot
  • Feel That Fabric 3 Seater Sofa
  • Mid Century Eclectic Retro Chic Pillows
  • Mid Century Eclectic Bucket Chair
  • Mid Century Eclectic Baxtor Glass Vase
  • Mid Century Eclectic Marshmellow Pouf
  • Mid Century Eclectic Moth Orchid
  • Hampton’s Hideaway Tray Table
  • Hampton’s Hideaway Sea Flora Watercolours
  • Hampton’s Hideaway Stacked Vintage Books
  • Hampton’s Hideaway Accent Chair
  • Hampton’s Hideaway Trinket Box
  • Bayside Bedroom Set – Hydrangea Vase
  • Serenity Bathroom Laundry Hamper
  • Serenity Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder
  • 3×3 Round Elm Jute Rug


    • I had a lot of fun playing with colors – and not too seriously. I adore bright colors myself (although not normally pink, haha). So it was nice to really play around an put some bright colors in.

      If you need me, I’ll be reading in the nook for sure!

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