House 004: Taylor Drifter – Chapter 3 Family

This is the third chapter of my drifter challenge House 004. You can learn all about it the challenge here and read or watch lots of folks trying it out. If you missed previous posts: Part 1, Part 2.

Generation 4 – Part 3

Dear diary,
Space – the final frontier! I have been there and back again and it is as epic as I imaged. The first time out, I barely managed to orbit the planet. Some idiot was lobbing rocks at the sun which caused sun flares that kept shorting out my instruments. Luckily they were pretty cool about it. The second time I got lost in a nebula and landed on perhaps the prettiest planet in the universe. Shame I have no idea how to get back there.


Robin and Rowan? Yes, they are still the light of my life. Doubly cute now that they’re up and about walking and talking. Robin’s so brave coming to watch me work on the Blue Pearl. Maybe there are space adventures in store for the future? Or do they ban minors from space travel as well?02-06-17_1-22-42-am

Rowan is into to everything, perhaps not as precocious as our little tiger, but just as eager to soak up a good story. And Kayson, traits be damned, adores them. Little Rowan has him completely bespelled. I often see him playing with the kids instead of carving. I haven’t heard a peep of complaint from him and he has the bulk of the childcare since I’m away at work. I would so dearly love more time with them, but I love my job as well and coming home to my family is perhaps the best feeling in the world.02-06-17_10-27-29-pm

Seeing their little faces light up, receiving a welcome-home kiss from Kayson. Life seems just about perfect right now.


Dear diary,
Did I say perfect? I really should learn not to tempt fate. Toddlers are exhausting and I’m not ashamed to say my most recent (successful!) serum was inspired by them. They’re up half the night and then go down for the morning. Which is fine on the weekend, but when do I sleep? I put them to bed and then show up for work without a wink of sleep.



Exhaustion aside, Robin and Rowan are the most adorable children in the universe. I don’t think I’m biased. I mean how cute are their faces? I am taking lots of pictures to remember them by. It’s a shame that most of my early pictures were lost when we build the bigger house, but I am collecting them anew.

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Dear diary,
Robin and Rowan have headed off to school and I’ve got about an hour before work.


Everything is moving so fast. I have seniority at work and a team of scientists who work directly for me. We have a new subject to explore. Aliens. Not normal aliens like I meet out on my space trips. Those look nothing like us. But inter-dimensional sims. Sims from and alternate universe. I know it sounds crazy, but from what we’ve been exploring it’s one of the few answers that – no matter how impossible it sounds – actually fit all the data models.


I’ve been getting some odd readings on the satellite – the frequency is like a backward echo of the frequencies we use here. So we’ve been given full blessings from the head of Crystal labs to explore the idea and how we might be able to cross the dimensional barrier.

Dear Diary,
We were right. There is another universe out there. We modded my rocket so that instead of just transferring space, it also crossed dimenions. Their world is beautiful. It’s dark and purple and pink. Everything looks different and strange. I took quite a few samples to study back at the lab.


Then I met the inhabitants. They’re sims that almost look like us. Turns out they were just as interested in us as we had been in them. Kellen says they had heard the same murmurs through the veil we had and were also experimenting on how to visit our planet.02-10-17_11-18-29-pm

We decided that for greater understanding of our ways, Kellen should come and live with us. Little did I realize at the time that he had a secondary reason to agree beyond knowledge and cultural understanding. I’d thought Kayson was finally gaining weight like a normal person, honest the man never seems to exercize and yet never gains a pound!


Turns out there was an even stranger reason for his weight gain.02-10-17_8-42-03-pm

Kellen explained that a side effect of crossing the dimensional barrier resulted sometimes in cross breeds. Their scientists were still exploring why that happened, but when they learned I was married to Kayson, they told Kellen to come and help raise and watch the child. Three kids. I’m surprised we ended up with so many when there was a time I feared we’d have no children.

First, there’s Rowan, our little fireball and tiger, always willing to lend a helping hand.

Robin is sweetness itself and always thinking deep thoughts.

And now lastly, now there’s Ray our little mystery child.


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    • Oh! My phone never sent the reply from this morning. haha. I always will have a special spot in my heart for alien abductions. 🙂

      There’s a Drifter spin off called Switch set in San Myshuno – that I’m looking at and trying to figure out who should start that branch. I’m torn between Ray, Robin’s child, or someone from the far right side of the Drifter tree. There’s still one Drifter from Gen Two’s branch of the family.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know! A member of one of my reading circles invented that Apartment Switch challenge–it sounds SO MUCH FUN! I’m very tempted to start it tomorrow, but I’ve made a commitment to hold off on new projects for a while. I really love San Myshuno!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hehe.. I’m glad you two like the idea of the Apartment Switch. It’s really great fun to play.. I’ve been putting most of my simming time into testing out the second mini-challenge that will be out on Sunday. Luckily, testing is more fun than work, or I’d feel really bogged down with all of it! I did manage to set aside some extra time to work on my house 7 of drifters, though. Can’t forget them in all the fun.

          Really great post here, raerei! I love that you got an alien baby!

          Liked by 2 people

    • Ray’s a bit traditional all grown up. Bit of that 70s style. Hahaha. But I finally need to do something with all my random kids from this gen, Winston ended up married with kid if his own whose about the same age as Ray. I’d hate to loose sight of either.

      Liked by 1 person

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