House 004: Taylor Drifter – Chapter 4 The End

This is the third chapter of my drifter challenge House 004. You can learn all about it the challenge here and read or watch lots of folks trying it out. If you missed previous posts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Generation 4 – Part 4

Dear Dairy,
Time moves so fast, one moment they’re toddlers, then children, and now teenagers! It feels like I was only just waddling around pregnant with them. How did they age so quickly?


Our life has gotten so busy these days it’s hard to keep track of everyone. So I’m doubly glad Robin and Rowan are here to pitch in and help. They’re both great with little Ray. There’s another one whose gotten big fast.02-11-17_5-14-24-pm


Kellen got a job as a detective. I was surprised that the police would hire an alien, but apparently there’s some interdimensional crime that occurs and they want the extra help from both sides. I’m glad he’s feeling confident here. He’s been a great friend and help to our family. I’ll be sad when he decides to leave us – although I do approve of the lady he’s currently seeing.


Speaking of approval. I’ve been playing around with cloning items. Nothing major, serums, fruits, rocks. But I was curious the other day and did something maybe I shouldn’t have. Definitely something the higher ups at Crystal Labs.

It was so weird. For a few moments there we couldn’t tell who was the original and who was the clone. All our thoughts and moments seemed to be perfectly in sync.


It didn’t take too long to figure out what was different though. Winston – as he decided to name himself, might have all my memories and experiences, but there is a fundamental difference. A quick makeover was in order.


It was disturbing at first, seeing my face looking so masculine, not that I begrudged Winston’s decision. But we all spend a few days feeling out of sorts until we got used to having him around.

Dear Diary,
Today is a bittersweet day. I look around me and realize that mama was right. The sense of achievement that I feel standing here now, remembering the empty land and stinky, exhaustion filled days, is beyond what I would have imagined.

I’ve moved on from Crystal Labs and opened my own lab nearby to continue understanding the ramifications from dimensional travel as well as continue to study all the materials we’re finding. I’m working with a great team, half from Simax and half from here. It’s the highlight of my career and I can look around and say I’ve made it. When I got home it was time for the kids to all celebrate their birthday. We had a huge party.




Part of my story has ended. Tonight Robin and Rowan leave for their new home. Tomorrow, Winston is moving to San Myshuno and Kellen is moving in with his fiance. Leaving the house empty and echoing. I look around the house and I’m happy with what we’ve built. It’s not huge, but it suited our needs at the time, growing with us as we grew as a family.

Final House Value: §72,474

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See you in Generation 5!

Previous Chapter

Games Notes: Phew, I ran through Taylor’s story in about a week and a half of gameplay. I was so excited about this story. I ended up writing most of the diaries one morning but still had to complete the challenge. At that time we didn’t have Winston or Ray yet. Haha. So that was a surprising, but not unwelcome turn of events, I had to add when I finished writing. Taylor maxed the sciencetist career two days before Rowan and everyone aged up. I didn’t realize I had cut it so close.

I’ve been keeping my drifter’s family tree up to date on the Plumtree. It includes some of the side families that MCC is making for us. If you’re looking at this in the future – you’ll get spoilers as the tree will be updated past this generation. I added Kellen as a “spouse” for Taylor – but I promise you that there was nothing beyond friendship between them. I jsut wanted to keep him and any children of his in the tree.

Lastly, I am using MCC (and have been since the beginning) to keep my spares and cadet branches alive as well as keeping the town populated. I’ve tweaked a couple settings, only YAs can have children to stop my game from having too many orphaned kids as their parents died of old age. I’ve also tweaked the ages to account for toddlers to match the original pre-toddler timeline for Drifters. Originally you had about 29 days from birth to Young Adult. Toddlers added an additional 7 days. My game is back to 29 days. Infant: 2, Toddler 5, Child 11, Teen 11. 


  1. A great end to the house for you! I love the pictures of Ray growing up.. What can I say, I just love purple so he’s extra special. I love that the clone turned out to be masculine. Such an interesting twist on things!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was great! I love that you’ve made plans for your alien and clone to have a life after you’ve moved on to the next house. I’ve done that with siblings before but not the others. I love the comparison of her first and last days. It really made an impact on all that she’s accomplished in her life. I’m looking forward to seeing how Robin and Rowan do in house 005!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Neither could I – I think Taylor and Rowan/Robin’s generation took the least amount of time to play. I was completely hooked. Rowan didn’t turn out personality wise the way I though they would, but I think it ended up better in the end.

      Liked by 1 person

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