This is the drifter challenge that I’m playing for fun. You can learn all about it the challenge here and read or watch lots of folks trying it out. It’s a combination generational and house building. Willow Creek and Oasis Springs have been emptied of people and houses. Each generation starts on an empty lot with a few rules and a goal. Generation 5 starts with two sims (I picked my twins from generation 4) with the goal to max both branches of the painting career, complete a photo hunt, and build a house worth §100k all before the first-born heir becomes a young adult. My game is just for fun so all you get are pictures.


Final House Value: §199,796

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See you in generation 006!


And that’s a wrap. I’m pretty excited for House 006, but I’ll be taking a little break from Drifting to try out the Switch Drifer-esk Challenge rebuilding apartments San Myshuno (with Phoenix) and the Murkland Apocalypse challenge with my simself. She’s been excited to see what the post-apocalyptic world looks like and try her hand at skilling again. So stay tuned for some interstesting adventures. But don’t worry – Aubrey and I will return soon and I’m planning to do a bit more writing for her generation. House 005 will be on the gallery after I make a no-cc version of it!