House 005 Robin and Rowan Drifter: Part 3

This is the drifter challenge that I’m playing for fun. You can learn all about it the challenge here and read or watch lots of folks trying it out. It’s a combination generational and house building. Willow Creek and Oasis Springs have been emptied of people and houses. Each generation starts on an empty lot with a few rules and a goal. Generation 5 starts with two sims (I picked my twins from generation 4) with the goal to max both branches of the painting career, complete a photo hunt, and build a house worth §100k all before the first-born heir becomes a young adult. My game is just for fun so all you get are pictures.


Final House Value: §199,796

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See you in generation 006!


And that’s a wrap. I’m pretty excited for House 006, but I’ll be taking a little break from Drifting to try out the Switch Drifer-esk Challenge rebuilding apartments San Myshuno (with Phoenix) and the Murkland Apocalypse challenge with my simself. She’s been excited to see what the post-apocalyptic world looks like and try her hand at skilling again. So stay tuned for some interstesting adventures. But don’t worry – Aubrey and I will return soon and I’m planning to do a bit more writing for her generation. House 005 will be on the gallery after I make a no-cc version of it!


    • Aubrey looks a bit more like Salma I think than Rowan. Haha. But I do love her look.

      And I can assure you I AM having tons of fun with Switch! Post 1 is already written!


  1. I’m a tiny bit embarrassed because I didn’t see Grimmy there … somehow I thought that she was wanting more children because all of her kids are growing up and leaving her but that because it’s at the end of the house because her husband would not want anymore … pleading for her help his life his way sadder than what I thought

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