I am not a writer. Now before you get up in arms (as I no doubt would if I heard anyone else say that), let me explain. In that ‘one who writes’ is a writer, I am. However my goal in life is not to be a “writer” – I am quite happy just to write whatever I want and play games.  If you look at my about FAQ page the labels that I have claimed: INTP, Bookworm, Optimistic, Asexual, Midwesterner, Female, Nerd, 30-something, Night Owl, Armchair Philosopher. You’ll notice writer isn’t one of them.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing. Ever – I have always written and will probably always write. Maybe later on again I will decide to claim the label again. But right now, it’s not part of my core identity. Have I given it up? Lessened who I am by no longer claiming the label? I don’t think so. I write. But I don’t need to be a writer right now. It’s actually kind of freeing. To become a writer, to claim the label so to speak, you must merely write. But I don’t think that they are a vice-versa situation. That if you write you must be a writer. And I don’t want to be a writer right now.

Why the intro? You may have noticed that probably starting back in August I went on a break after writing a lot for the first half the year. And even before that, I was producing blog content four to five days a week. (I have proof still).

And that was fun and I enjoyed every moment of it. Then I took a needed break and have been struggling since then to fall back into any kind of rhythm.

I’ve been lucky to get a new chapter written every two or three weeks. With long breaks in between. Not because I’m tired of my stories or that I can’t figure out what to write. I am still just as excited about where Ghost and Huffmans are going as I was back in July. But I reached a point in Ghost where I’m doing some more serious topics (or about to) and I want to get it right. I want to take time to think about a scene for a week (or two if need be) to play around with it, research and then write. I don’t want to rush it. (See Post Note for Huffmans)

This was never a Sims blog (all evidence to the contrary). It was always a game blog. It started when I wanted to write about my dwarfs in the highly uninspiring design of Dwarf Fortress. (That lasted all of two posts which are still tucked away somewhere). It continued through Skyrim stories – and minecraft updates. And through my Friday Game Reviews that I have done. This isn’t a blog dedicated to a single story, but for the past…five months or so that’s what it’s been.

I miss posting. You may have noticed in the past few weeks more posts. I’ve been posting what I did with the Drifter Challenge, and I’ve got a bunch of Saturday Posts lined up with builds and walkthroughs. I want to share my Switch story and my Murkland Adventures. And yes, I still want to write Ghost and Huffmans. I miss sharing non-sim games and playing them. (One which I played just last night that you’ll be hearing about soon).

So if you’re just wandering here, poke around a bit while you wait for the next Ghost or Huffman chapter. They will still be my focused story-stories, but you’ll run into random challenges and short stories (I hope!) and reviews and city builders. Maybe even YouTube videos in the coming months if I’m so inspired. There will be more musing chapters like this and I may even go back and finally finish some of the stories I “gave up” when I decided to “concentrate” on fewer stories, like Sugar and Spice or my Blue Peas. I may start even more stories – perhaps with vampires! Although admittedly, I will try to keep them short and contained, I don’t want more than two “long” stories.

But I’m not going to worry about what I post. I’m bringing this blog back to its roots. It’s a Fortress, a place to tell the stories from inside games – any game – that strikes me. I’m going to see if I can’t recapture my momentum.

Post Note: On the Subject of Huffmans. I messed up in gen two. Arturo’s life and gen one went so smoothly that I didn’t really think about why it worked. When I got to Sam…well, I goofed, I wrote all the non-story bits and forgot to tell his story. I forgot to show him and Karen struggling – which they did – and their ups and downs. I only showed their ups and thus I got stuck and a little bored. That’s why they drifted away. I tried playing and writing and just couldn’t see a way out. Eventually, I realized that my mistake was what I had been writing and then I had to figure out what to do. A week ago (finally) inspiration struck! So coming soon – (as some is already written) – will be a 20 chapter “interlude” spanning one year of Huffmans. Set in-between Sam and Pippin’s generation. As always, this will be an interpretation of the game events that occurred as I played. The screenshots might be staged from time to time, but I can promise you that most of it happened. Once it’s over I’ll be ready to move on to generation 3 and tell (and play) Pippin’s story.