I decided pretty early on when I started this blog that I was not going to post multiple times a day. This is what I learned from earlier blogs. I will often get excited and write a whole bunch (this series of writing posts was all writen in one afternoon for example). So I could easily post them the moment I wrote them and be done with it. Doing that works just fine. It gets you that immediate feedback and means you don’t have to go back and tweak things so the links work.

But I also knew I have long dry spells, were I might write nothing at all. For me, it seemed my best option was to schedule. If I wrote three posts – I could schedule one for today, but the rest have to wait. And if those three posts are all I have, I should probably post weekly until I have more to write. I feel like consistent drip of posts is a good way to go rather than feast or famine.

Which is kind of hilarious becuase I like to binge read. Wait for a bunch of posts to pile up and then read them all at once. If someone has written only one or two chapters, I might wait a month or two before testing it out. Then I’ll get to read 10 or 20!

When I’m behaving myself, I try to schedule the same type of posts for the same day of the week. That way if someone is only interested in my Huffman story they can know to arrive on Thursday and if they aren’t interested in anything but Sims, they’ll know to skip Friday. Although with the WordPress Reader – I know they’re force to see every update even if they don’t want care so it doesn’t really work.

With this new focus on trying to reclaim my blog momentum, I’m kind of going with a half-hearted schedule. And breaking it left and right depending on what I have written. Ideally it would be as follows.

  • Monday Ghost
  • Thursday Huffman
  • Friday non-Sims
  • Saturday Builds and Tutorials

But if I don’t a specific post ready, right now I’m just going to slot stuff if so I don’t go more than three days without a post. Back in the anything goes days. Hopfeully I’ll be slowly creating a backlog of posts that I can use to buffer and regulalize this schedule over time. Right now though – I don’t have any Huffmans and a Ghost arrives only every other week or every three weeks.

That being said – did you know if you click on the Recent link you’ll get the full list of everything I’ve done even if it’s not listed on the main page of this blog? I’m not sure how many of you visit the blog rather than read from the reader though. So perhaps a lot of my snazzy navigation is lost on my readers. Hopefully though, if you are coming to my site, you’re not getting too lost.