House Tour – Jessie’s House

I didn’t have a really clear idea for Jesse’s house other than she was going to be gardening and fishing. So outdoors again. Instead of doing an in/out transition like for my last two drifter houses, I went for a cabin feel. I love how it ended up looking with the Oasis Springs lake behind it. Again the nocc houses are being built in Newcrest so you miss that feature here.

The heart of Jessie’s house is the garden and of course the four flanking cowplants. It’s perhaps not the safest house on the block.

And of course Millie, Tillie, Billie, and Lillie – the cowplants. (Insert your own “illie” names)

Although Jessie had a level 10 gardening skill her garden was a bit larger so the plants aren’t quite so high level as previous houses.

  • Perfect Tulips and Perfect Onions
  • 4 Perfect Blackberry bushes
  • Perfect Spliced Strawberry and Blackberry
  • Perfect Spliced Lemon and Growfruit
  • Perfect Cherry Tree
  • Magnificent Apple Tree
  • Magnificent Spliced Strawberry & Blackberry
  • Magnificent Grape Vine
  • Magnificent Lily, Daisy, Chrysanthemum, & Bluebells
  • Magnificent Carrot, and Magnificient Mushroom,
  • Magnificent Basil, Spinach, & Parsely
  • Very Nice Pomegranate Tree

Carving took a special place in this house as we explored a new way to make money, so you’ll find little status all over.

Now inside to the tour.

The house layout is pretty traditional. Open Living/Dining/Kitchen. The three big picture windows at the front looked awesome, but sadly as cc, they didn’t make this build.

Then the two bedrooms. Hmmm, I seem to have forgotten to replace a chair in Taylors room.

And of course, Jessie completed the fishing collection. Not all the fish she caught are on the walls, but some of the more interesting ones she caught near the end of her adventures.

I think I actually might be proudest of the roof, I am finally starting to figure out how to make roofs look decent in this game. Starting.


Lot Details

Lot Name: Drifter 003 – Jessie
Cost: §42,316
House Size: 2Br 1Bath
Lot Size: 30×20 (Sultry Springside – Oasis Springs)
Traits: Sunny Aspect, Bracing Breezes, Natural Light

This is on the gallery under ra3rei.


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