House Tour – Taylor’s House

I went into this building hoping to create an ultra modern science fiction house with lots of glass and open space. Perhaps the next iteration of my original Futuristic House. … I ended up with a kind of 70s science fiction modern house. Kindof. It grew organically and I’m totally pleased with it. I’m just not sure what I did.

First off, this is probably the most impressive roof I’ve managed. Right?

After doing gardening for the first three houses in this challenge, I was determined that Taylor would not garden. We did do woodworking, but everything was sold. Taylor’s focus was mainly science which we’ll see in the back yard. Inside there’s a small living-dining-kitchen area.

Unfortunately, the few cc items I used in this house tended to be the end tables and other things you put things on. So rebuilding that took a little thinking. The whole house is about §4,000 cheaper than it used to be.

The children’s playroom downstairs is the main area where I tried to do the glass window bit, but while it worked fine here, it didn’t quite work out elsewhere. The rooms are bit exposed without curtains.

Taylor had a household of seven by the end of the challenge, so there’s actually more than the assigned two bedrooms for once. There are three small bedrooms downstairs.

The bedrooms wrap around the tiny bathroom. Far too small for seven sims. I would recommend removing all these walls and giving the downstairs a new layout. Maybe two bedrooms and a bigger bath?

Upstairs is the master bedroom. The rooms here are rather bland, but they’re ready for personal touches to be added and clutter. I kind of regret how little personalization I ended up doinghere. The end of the house challenge came so quickly!

Again we have the chess table on the deck. Haha. I think I’ll have to banish chess from my next build. Along with gardens and woodworking.

The backyard is pretty simple, just a grill and a table. But it’s the science center where Taylor spent the most time. Unfortunately, it seems we lost the fully upgraded rocket. Looks like it needs to be built again.

Behind the rather ominous door is the science lab.

The top part is actually a guest room where Taylor’s clone and alien friend lived. Downstairs is the lab. I get a real post-apocalyptic hotel vibe from this room. It’s kind of fallout-y or maybe Portal 2?

The bathroom here has the fancy talking toilet and shower. Really if you remove the back panel to that toilet, it looks surprisingly like the toilet I had when I lived in Japan. Ha!

Sadly, we lost the most in the lab. I was able to replace the completed geode and crystal collections, but the other random bits and bobs – like the simray and some other collected items are gone. When the game fails to load a cc surface, eveyrthing on it disappears too.

There is at least a single needs fixer that can be cloned if that’s your thing.

I can’t help but be in love with the look of this build even if it’s nothing like I thought when I started. I think it could use a little tlc and clutter and that would really spruce it all up perfectly.

Lot Details

Lot Name: Taylor’s House 004
Cost: §68,818
House Size: 5Br 2Bath
Lot Size: 30×20 (Riverside Roost – Willow Creek)
Traits: None

This is on the gallery under ra3rei.

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