Switch 1.6 – Mac and Cheese and Childhood

It’s cliche, but time really does fly. Especially when you’re swamped with work and raising the most adorable child in the history of children. But I feel like I blinked and suddenly it’s Feng’s birthday. Feng’s Aunts came over and helped Rez prepare the birthday party as I was stuck working. But, I managed to get home before the main event.

And now we have to figure out school and drama. When they’re little it’s easy to wipe their tears and a little ice cream goes a long way to heal any problem a toddler has. Children are not so easy to distract. Not that Feng is any less cheerful a child as they were when they were little. I think we lucked out in the child-lottery.

I can’t image my sister’s life with their four boys they always seem to be into everything and breaking things. Then again she’s got more help raising them and as much as I’d love to give Feng siblings, our place is too small for more than the three of us. And unlike Aubrey, I have to admit I’m not much help around the house.

We have breakfast together every day. There’s that much in our favor. But then Rez and Feng run off to work and school and I usually head back to bed.

I end up getting home after midnight almost every night and don’t get a chance to ask Feng about her day or help out with the homework, or cook dinner. I loved this job when I started and the reverse schedules were great to avoid babysitters when Feng was around all day too, but now I feel like I’m missing out on so much.

It’s time for a change.

The new apartment is magnificent and more than twice as big as our last place so there’s plenty of room for Feng to run around and grow. There wasn’t really a good playroom in our last place and we were always tripping over her homework or toys. That isn’t possible in our new place. We’re practically echoing in here. But the views are magnificent.

Rez has a new office overlooking the city below. And Feng says she prefers that to studying in her own room. I think she just likes the extra help.

The best news is that the move corresponded with a new work schedule for me. We still all have breakfast together, our traditional mac and cheese omelets are a prennial favorite. But I only have to work late on Friday’s now.

Feng Drifter

New neighbors, new sights, and new sounds.
New friends
New house, new room, new stuff
New day, new smile
Old friends, new plans
Good friends, good days
New beginnings, new experiences, good times

Apartment 3: 121 Hakim House

Traits: Party Place, Good Schools, Grody

Final Value: 28,148 (3br 1bath)

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Author’s Note: Another chapter I’ve been sitting on forever. On the plus side it gave me a chance to get Feng’s cousin’s born and aged up. But I was playing in two saves. I’ve figured out how to use the same save to play both families now so the next generation will be able to meet their cousins and a have birthday parties with the whole family.  All the apartments will be on the gallery once I de-cc them as “general rooms” – I plan to remove the walls on on the doors so they can be uploaded as a whole. 

All the Switch apartments will be on the gallery once I de-cc them as “general rooms” – I plan to remove the walls on on the doors so they can be uploaded as a whole. 

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