Switch 1.7 – Teenagers and Confetti Cake

Our world has changed so much. Feng is a teenager now, with all the teenage drama and moods that come with that.

She’s not all that bad. Does her homework and times and well, we don’t have to worry about her dating boys. The other night as I was making Rez and I some nightcaps, she asked to speak to me. All serious like. I wasn’t sure what she was planning to say. But after a few awkward starts, she came out. Said there was a girl at school she liked. And liked in a serious way.  I can’t say I was all that surprised, but the last thing you tell your baby girl is “I know.” I guess we have to start worrying about her dating now though.

The other change in our lives, was a lot more surprising, and a lot less expected. I know I’d said I wanted Feng to have siblings, but having an infant again at our age?

At least we have Feng to help out, but she’ll be more like a third parent to the little one than a sibling. Not that I’m not thrilled. Honestly, with how well our baby girl turned out, I can’t imagine we’d have any trouble this time around.

Should have knocked on wood when I said that. They say life gives you want what you least expect. That it won’t give you more than you can handle. Ha! Sometimes I think there’s a laughing maniac that controls and directs us all. I swear I heard her laughing when we got the news.

Triplets. Three of them. Meet Feather, Peacock, and Rex. The three who are bound to turn our lives completely upside down and run us thrice as ragged. But I can’t say I regret them. Not at all. And despite a rough start, they’ve been as sweet as angels…at least some of the time.

It’s not entirely how I expected to spend Feng’s teenage years. But can you imagine this happening two apartments ago? Or even in the last place? Here, at least there’s plenty of room for the little squirts to run around and cause all kinds of havoc. Feng’s been great with them as well. She’s willing to watch them on the weeknights and give us a chance to catch up on some semblance of sleep.

I’ve not been looking to this next birthday. It’s already exhausting enough running after the little ones. But it’s the big 50 and Feng and Rez weren’t about to let me get away with sneaking off and failing to celebrate. We put the kids away and then had an “adult party” – teenagers included.

At least the cake was delicious?

Apartment 4: IX Landgraab Apartments – Uptown

Traits: Great View, Great Acoustics, Convivial

Final Cost: 51,505 (3br 3bath)

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Author’s Note: I know I know, I should be more careful with my risky woohoo. But sometimes I just don’t want to have them drink the birth control and they both had the whim and Rez and Phoenix are my favorite current couple. They’re just too cute and completely smitten with each other. So I caved and thought that even if they ended up pregnant, a little baby sibling would be adorable for Feng. A sibling. I did not expect three of them. The toddlers showed up right as Parenthood came out so they were my first attempt with the new gamepack

I’m going to call this first switch challenge done! It’s been a complete blast.

See you in Switch 2


  1. My jaw literally dropped when there were three of them. What an interesting twist of fate!! Reading stories like this makes me almost wish that I played with MCCC and risky woohoo. It’d be nice to be surprised sometimes. I’m just not willing to make that jump into using CC and mods. Not yet, at least.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You an me both! I so rarely have twins even.
      MCC is probably the one mod I’d play with if I gave everything up. It was the second mod I ever got…and I’m def. weaning myself away from CC these days. But I rely on MCC heavily to keep the families I’m not playing living their lives, getting jobs, married, etc. And risky is fun – a bit like real life…although it almost always bites me like this.

      Liked by 1 person

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