Winter 2017 Schedule

After what seems like and probably was forever, this will be my schedule going forward. More will be added when/if I feel like I can handle it.

  • Mondays: Ghost of a Chance
  • Thursdays: Huffman Legacy
  • Saturdays: Sims Builds

2017 has been an insane year and it’s not done with me yet. First, late last year, work picked up and I was suddenly spending a lot more energy during the day thinking and planning and less time writing. Then in April, as I started to figure out how to write again, I thought it would be a good idea to buy a house. I don’t regret that semi-impulsive decision but damn, that’s a lot more painful than it has any right to be – even when, as it did with me, it goes smoothly and quickly. Then as I was getting used to my new shiny house and starting to post again despite the desire to do ALL the house-things, in August, I got a roommate. Most of you live with people, and I get that. I rarely do so it’s been different.

Blogging, hell, even gaming was a lot of work. And I realized it was going to be easy for even more months to slip by without a word from me. Have you seen how fast weeks go by!? Not that is is an excuse, I don’t really believe in those – but if you’ve been wondering if I was hit by a bus or worse, I can say – I was…hit by the bus of life. I knew the only way to get back into writing was to write. DUH.

So November 1. Although technically it’s a writing month, that was a coincidence. It was enough in the future back in early October that I could squint and see it working out. Nothing in my life has changed, work is as busy as ever, my house is still shiny and needs works, and I have a roommate. But I missed Ghost and the Huffmans. And my Drifters. I figured you may have too.

So we’re just going to do this and write. Cuz that’s the only way it’ll get done. Tomorrow will be the first of the Huffman chapters in almost a year. Have you forgotten who’s who?


  1. Hooray! I love your Huffman Who’s Who page!

    This is so funny, though – last night on the way home from rehearsal I was thinking of writing a State of the Blog post because it would be a nice crisp date to regroup. XD

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    • So am I! I was terrifying of writing Max wrong which made it easy to postpone. I’m just gonna write him anyway and see what happens. Ghost will be on Mondays! And i look forward to catching up on all the simlit I’ve missed.

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  2. I am happy for the Huffmans and delighted for the Drifters too .. but I am ecstatic over Ghost’s return. I supposed I could have said GAGA over Ghost … in keeping with my early alliteration .. but I thought to spare you. Welcome back dear Rae!

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