Restaurant – The Future’s Past

I built this restaurant for my Drifter save when I realized we were supposed to have a restaurant on the Futures Past lot where the museum normally would be. I was inspired by the name of the lot.

The story goes that the restaurant was digging its foundation when it hit bones. Old bones. Construction was halted and Archaeologists were called in and they discovered that it was a pretty large site. They wanted to dig and study the site, but the restaurant still wanted to build a restaurant. A compromise was made.

The ground floor opens onto the dig site.

10-27-17_10-08-28 PM.png

While waiting for your table you can look around at some artifacts on display and, if it’s summer, you can watch the archaeology students at work below.

10-27-17_10-08-50 PM.png

Upstairs is the dining area.

10-27-17_10-09-28 PM.png

There’s a small kitchen overlooking the tables. It has two window cookers.

10-27-17_10-10-56 PM.png

And a patio where my sims have never been seated. Others get to sit there, but not whomever I’m playing.

10-27-17_10-09-58 PM.png

I went for upscale experimental cuisine since my other attempt at making a menu (for a different restaurant) was buggy and half the food refused to be cooked.10-27-17_10-31-13 PM.png

So far I’ve had no issues with getting and eating food in this venue and it makes for a pretty exotic place to eat. Perfect for your date nights.

10-27-17_10-41-20 PM.png

There are, of course, bathrooms upstairs as well.10-27-17_10-09-37 PM.png

And some final shots of the whole thing to end this off.

10-27-17_10-10-23 PM.png10-27-17_10-25-47 PM.png

The Future’s Past Restaurant is on the gallery under the username ra3rei.

  • Cost: §88,561
  • Packs Used: Get Together, Get to Work, Vampires, Dine Out, Cool Kitchen
  • Original Location: Future Past Museum in Oasis Springs (30×20)

Note: When you place it, you need to remove the floor in the center of the ground floor to expose the digging area.


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