Drifter 007 – House Party 4

The week is half over and slowly Skye’s friends have been heading back home and back to their own lives. Emotions are starting to stir at last though and soon they will realize that this little week has much more permanent consequences than anyone expected.

Day 5 – Stable Club

Esteven, Jase, and Ada all headed to the Stable Club for some more dancing and drinking. Well, some dancing and chatting occurred, but I guess the ruins is a terrible place for a nightclub. No one else came wandering by.

I’ll have to test it out when there’s an event going on. Maybe it’ll be hopping then?

Afterwards, we got the message that the Spice Market was in town so I figured instead of wandering around the house waiting for midnight, we’d all head to the market and to the karaoke which proved that no one could sing.

The spice market is perhaps my favorite event, it’s so warm and spicy.
Skye has started whiming to flirt with Esteven now. And the romantic sim is not opposed at all.

It was here that I suddenly noticed something was really off with Osvaldo. He’d been feeling sick all day and I had ignored it. I expect sims to throw up after they eat spoiled ice cream. Which he had over breakfast. Except…Oz is a glutton. They’re supposed to be immune to that, right? Then again, illness has been going through the house ever since Sigrid had tiger stripes on day one.

That really looks like a baby bump…

I didn’t think I had it set so that guys could get guys pregnant. Sure we have risky on, but while I was going make it so Skye could get everyone pregnant,, I never did. And you cna’t try for baby in this challenge.

Apparently, I was wrong. Osvaldo is pregnant.

This was not how the bachelor challenge was supposed to go.

Now at the end of the night, I’m supposed to evict the lowest sim again, but like before we have a tie between the three lowest. I even screenshotted it and measured it! 

Not quite a three-way tie. Esteven has a 54-pixel bar, but Ada and Jase are tied with 53 pixels. Sigh. Jase caught the bigger fish? But that seems like a cruel way to determine the winner. Next up are dates, so I decided to wait and see if another day would do it and have one or the other pull ahead.

For the next days, each remaining sim gets a date with Skye. For all of them, the location will be the Future’s Past Restaurant in Oasis Springs. A nice intimate dinner for two so that they can really get to know each other.

Day 6- Esteven’s Date

Unfortunately, my game stopped taking screenshots during this first date. So we didn’t get anything until the very end of the date. You’ll have to take my word that it went well.

It went a bit too well. Darn those whims.

For the past day, half the time now, Skye whims for Osvalado, the other half it’s with Esteven. I have to be careful to pick the right brother to go with the whim.

And he, of course, accepted the rose.

After this day, Jase and Ada were still tied for the end. Esteven has of course now shot completely ahead of them after that date. I decided that they would both go on a date and after, the lowest of the two would leave. We’re on aging off – so an extra day won’t hurt.

Day 6 – Ada’s Date

No woohoo, but there were some bold pick-up lines being tossed about. That and the food was better tonight than last night. Although it took forever and a day to come.

Day 7 – Jase’s Date

Illness strikes again. Actually, everyone has been getting sick over the past three days. But until now, Skye had been fighting it off. Unfortunately, it struck when he wasn’t close to a computer to buy medicine.

So after our two dates, who had the lowest relationship? Find out tomorrow! On our possibly last post!

Your two cents,

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