3 Newcrest Starter Houses

Before you even start playing generation two in the Build Newcrest Legacy challenge you get to build houses. I’m a creative namer…I named the houses after tweaked versions of their original lot names. Beach Byway, Oak Abode, and Comfy Cubby.

Since these are starter homes they had strict budget rules. No house could cost more than §55k and two houses had to be under §20k. So there isn’t much in the way of decorations and clutter. (That means they are move-in ready for your sims to personalize!)

I had such luck with Flower Park, I wanted to have these homes work with their neighborhood surroundings as well. I searched for bungalows on the internet to get some exterior inspiration after peaking around at the backgrounds.

Sweet Oak

10-09-18_9-02-43 PM.png

This is a small two bedroom house. The second bedroom is currently an office, but it would work for a child’s or teen’s room once you had the money for a second bed. It really, really feels like a starter home since it’s so empty on the inside. I didn’t even bother taking a picture of the bathroom.

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Gallery Link

  • Packs Used: Seasons, Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Outdoor Retreat
  • Lot Traits: Good Schools, Homey, On a Ley Line
  • Original Lot: 20×15 Newcrest – Oak Alcove
  • Gallery Cost: §17,820

Comfy Cottage

Not being able to decorate at all was really really painful. So I made the next home super small. That way (I hoped) I would be able to add in a little personality. The Comfy Cottage has only one bedroom, but a much larger yard.

10-09-18_8-58-52 PM.png

The smaller footprint let me be able to do a little landscaping. But inside, it’s really, really tiny. And despite my best efforts. There isn’t much in the way of decoration. The bathroom is so small it doesn’t even have a sink.

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Gallery Link

  • Packs Used: Seasons, Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get to Work, Jungle Adventures, Backyard Stuff, Perfect Patio Stuff
  • Lot Traits: Peace and Quiet, Homey, Sunny Aspect
  • Original Lot: 20×15 Newcrest – Comfy Cubby
  • Gallery Cost: §16,933

Blue Byway

I know this is the house I’m going to using for my gen2 Flower heir. Since it’s a baby challenge as well, I know there will be LOTS of kids. So I wanted to have room to fit in all those babies.

10-09-18_9-05-58 PM.png

The larger budget let me put in some more decorations, actual rugs and toys. This is a 4br, 1.5 bath house all for under §50k! I did, however, have to give up on landscaping. So the backyard is pretty barren. And in case you’re wondering there is NO gate that matches that backyard fence. The master bedroom is actually down the small hallway by the back door and stairs.

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Upstairs is a den since the downstairs living room was too awkward to fit in a tv or any sort of fun activities. And upstairs is a proper full bathroom with a tub/shower. The three rooms are currently themed for teen/child, toddler, and baby.

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I built the house so that it would orient with the other two houses on the street, which meant when I tried to share it. The main shot was the side of the house. It was horrid. Since I recently installed the Tray Importer I was able to replace it with the actual front of the house. Unfortunately, when doing this to lots, it marks it as having cc. So you can’t get to it from the web gallery (so no link). When you’re in-game – tick Include Custom Content to see it. Honestly, it has no cc.

  • Packs Used: Seasons, Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get to Work, Jungle Adventures,  Parenthood, Spa Day, Bowling Night Stuff, Backyard Stuff, Kid’s Room Stuff
  • Lot Traits: Chef’s Kitchen, Homey, Good Schools
  • Original Lot: 30x20 Newcrest – Beach Byway
  • Gallery Cost: §41,196

If you’re in need of a starter home that a family can actually afford without cheating, feel free to download any of these houses and decorate to your heart’s content. They’re on the gallery under my username ra3rei.


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