Firefly House

I have never, ever used the glowing walls and floor that came with spa day seriously. Somehow, when I saw the inspiration image for this next house, I wanted that white-white color. It had the added advantage of making the house glow at night. Which is kind of cool.

I should have grabbed the image I used as inspiration for this. The house had this half-covered carport and a kind of deck, open area upstairs that felt like part of the building. It was pretty interesting and took forever for me to figure out how to best approximate it. Super fun.

The house is 2br 1bath, and the front door is down the covered carport – nearer the back of the house than the front. After building the three starter homes and having to really hold back on decorations, I wanted to go wild.

10-09-18_10-19-51 PM

Inside it’s my favorite, bright, colorful, and probably too much for all but the most adventurous sims. My own living room walls were painted mango salsa so this is the type of house I wish I had.

10-09-18_10-20-09 PM.png

It might feel odd, but you walk directly into the kitchen. The layout downstairs was a little bit of a challenge due to the stairs and the fact I wanted those large windows in the front to be the living room.

10-09-18_10-20-41 PM.png

So I build the living room first and then the rest around it. The living room ended up being built more at an angle because I wanted to use that triangular couch. Since the walls were so tall, and empty feeling, I ended up with a pawprint border. I was kind of surprised that it worked so well.

10-09-18_10-20-49 PM.png

The dining room has those huge windows so the tall ceiling wasn’t an issue here and I love seeing out onto the Windenburg island.

10-09-18_10-20-17 PM.png

10-09-18_10-48-36 PM.png

The downstairs bathroom is tucked into the far corner behind the living room. (Pretty much the opposite corner from the front door.) I’m not 100% sure on those wall tiles going with the rest of the house, but maybe kind of?

10-09-18_10-20-58 PM.png

Upstairs is a little sitting area with the bedrooms on either side. Directly in front (on the image below) is the master bedroom, the teenager’s room is behind.

10-09-18_10-21-31 PM.png

The child, teenager? I think they’re into purple and are a budding artist? Maybe. Lots of clutter here and a journal.

10-09-18_10-21-50 PM.png

The master bedroom feels a little more subdued to me, despite the still-bright colors. Lol. For some reason I imaged a single woman here. Maybe a recent divorcee? The room opens out onto the top deck.

10-09-18_10-21-22 PM.png

10-09-18_10-56-49 PM.png

I actually used an archway as a window to get the look I was going for. And then put a plant in front of it. Hopefully, the sims just don’t try to walk right out the “door.”

10-09-18_10-22-02 PM.png

It’s the view. The whole house is built around this one view. Imagine walking out there to this every morning. ❤

10-09-18_10-57-01 PM.png

The landscaping outside is pretty simple, but there wasn’t a lot of room left due to the size of this house and the size of the lot. There’s a little patio upstairs with a bench.

10-09-18_10-22-18 PM.png

And out back a sitting area, to relax and read a book while the laundry is drying. If I lived here, I think I’d spent all my time not on the upstairs deck down here, napping.

10-09-18_10-23-01 PM.png

I also added a tiny shed in the one-square “wall” of the carport. I needed to put a washing machine somewhere. They didn’t strike me as a wash-tub household.

10-09-18_10-23-14 PM.png

I hope to build the rest of this island sometime and that this house will still work when I build whatever else I build. But right now it feels super luxurious all alone on the huge island.

10-09-18_10-19-21 PM.png

So, if you’re looking for a fun tiny home for color-brave sims, feel free to download this house. It’s on the gallery under my username ra3rei.

  • Packs Used: Everything but some of the stuff packs – specifically I did not manage to use the Luxury Stuff Pack, Spooky Stuff,  Romantic Garden Stuff, and My First Pet Stuff
  • Lot Traits: Bracing Breezes, Home Studio, Peace and Quiet
  • Original Lot: 20×20 Windenburg – Mid-Nowhere
  • Gallery Cost: §77,277



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