Bright Haven Villa

This is the oldest of my “new” build and the reason I first installed the Tray Importer. I built the house facing the place where my sims spawned. And yet, despite that, the image the gallery wanted was a very boring side-view. Not even my exciting side view. Eventually, I took it down off the gallery and reuploaded it. If you’re looking for it, it’s marked as having cc – but it doesn’t.

As I was nearing the end of generation one I wanted to take my sims on a vacation. That and my spouse had the archaeology aspiration. So I sent them to Selvadorada and build a vacation rental house. It’s huge. It’s colorful. It had room for all my remaining children.

08-28-18_12-46-34 AM.png

With five bedrooms and three bathrooms, we easily fit the eight sims I tried to cram inside for several days. It’s also a close walk to the city center.

08-27-18_11-32-43 PM.png

The front entryway opens up to the living room and that ended up being one of the most challenging rooms. There was just so much going on, doors and window, and stairs that it took me a few tries to orient the furniture decently. (Pay no attention to the changing details, I took these pictures at different times.)

10-09-18_11-26-59 PM

08-26-18_10-46-25 PM.png

The little conservatory I made with two bay windows. (My kingdom for slots on the bench parts of the windows!) Pretty sure this room is what inspired my Flower Park build. I can confirm, however, the chair in here is inaccessible to sims. So the room is mainly decorative.  But it’s very decorative.

08-26-18_9-07-16 PM.png

08-26-18_9-12-39 PM.png

If you take a left from the front door instead of right, you head toward the kitchen. I loved making the little breakfast nook on the way into the kitchen. And I was so pleased when my sims had breakfast there one morning. I’d never thought to use the dine out benches in a “normal” house before.

08-28-18_12-46-10 AM.png

The kitchen ended up being pretty plain. But I’m really proud of the cabinet on the far left. I used a shelf to tuck the trashcan and fire extinguisher under the cabinet.

10-09-18_11-27-12 PM.png

My inspiration for building this entire Villa was the inner courtyards that seem like they’re everywhere in Mexico. You can’t see them from the street, but having that open to the outside feel was something I wanted to try to capture.

So the dining room opens to the courtyard. You can’t actually just step out into the garden, but the breezes have got to be epic.

10-09-18_11-27-21 PM.png

There’s a little pond out there, it’s open to the sky and it’s the perfect place to beat your little brother at chess.

08-28-18_1-17-08 AM.png

The far side of the courtyard also opens onto it without actually letting you just walk out there. This room leads out to the back patio.

10-09-18_11-27-52 PM.png

My sims did eventually find the bar and bubble blower out here, but it took them almost the whole trip. Doesn’t the little conservatory look so cute from this angle?

10-09-18_11-28-23 PM.png

All the bedrooms, and surprisingly all the bathrooms as well are upstairs.

You can see in the previous picture that above the backyard is a small L-shaped hallway that opens to two of the bedrooms and a bathroom. This kids room was the first room I decorated in the entire house and I used it as a base for the overall look and feel.

10-09-18_11-28-45 PM.pngWhen I played this room, this was the boys’ room. That is when Basil the youngest Flower wasn’t playing chess in the courtyard and Derek wasn’t fishing.  (I can’t help but love every picture I take in this world.)

08-28-18_1-22-30 AM.png

(Technically Derek and his sister Jenna aren’t Flower kids. They were the eldest children of my spouse before she joined the house. Er, before I kidnapped her. Once we had a little space, I invited them to come live with their mom and all my overly-blonde Flower kids.)

Across the hallway from this room was Azalea’s room. As the oldest, she wasn’t related enough to Jenna and my heir to share a bed with either of them. This room gave me the most trouble. I had to completely move and rebuilt it to get the second bathroom and family room to work.

10-09-18_11-28-36 PM.png

It’s the most subdued room as well. But since I built it last, I might have finally burned out my optics on all the other rooms.

The stairs from downstairs lead up to the walkway over the courtyard. I managed to get all my hallways out in the open and give the upstairs that open feel. All the bedrooms open up onto the “outside” and the family room doesn’t even have a door, just an archway.

10-09-18_11-29-07 PM.png

The room over the dining room is my “writer’s” room. A writer’s because it has the desk. Lol. I could totally have a writing retreat here though. That would be heavenly. The girls shared this room.

10-09-18_11-30-38 PM.png

Across the hall from here is the master bedroom with attached bath and private patio access.

10-09-18_11-29-58 PM.png10-09-18_11-30-06 PM.png

I think it’s my favorite bedroom in the entire house. Maybe. I love all these rooms. They’re just so…colorful!

The tiny patio overlooks the front of the house.

10-09-18_11-30-10 PM.png

Behind it is the family room. My sims spent a LOT of time in this room. Maybe because it had the most “activities” to do – aka the stereo that all sims love.

10-09-18_11-29-32 PM.png

I haven’t been showing the bathrooms because pretty much all of them are identically decorated. This is one of my biggest builds and as a rental house, it seemed like they might have bought furniture in bulk.

10-09-18_11-29-01 PM.png

Interested in a blueprint with all those twists and turns? This is the downstairs layout.

10-10-18_12-09-16 AM.png

Upstairs is harder to see because of all the cutouts to outside and below, but here it is. The master bedroom is in the upper right, the boy’s room the bottom left.

10-10-18_12-09-03 AM.png

If you’re looking for a vacation rental for your Selvadoradan travels, feel free to download this park. It’s on the gallery under my username ra3rei but marked as having cc.

  • Packs Used: One of these days I’m going to use all the packs. But not today. This uses Seasons, Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get To Work, Jungle Adventures, Parenthood, Dine Out, Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat, Laundry Day Stuff, Toddler Stuff, Fitness Stuff, Vintage Glamour Stuff, Kids Room Stuff, Movie Hangout Stuff, Cool Kitchen, Perfect Patio, and even the free Holiday Celebration Stuff pack.
  • Lot Traits: Bracing Breezes, Peace and Quiet (yep only two)
  • Original Lot: 30×20 Selvadorada – Selvadorada Villa
  • Gallery Cost: §101,979


  1. I love this! It’s so bright and cheerful. As I was looking through the pictures, I was sure the conservatory was going to be my favourite room, but now I’m at the end of the post I honestly couldn’t say. They are all beautiful! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s is beyond bright – I keep using all these colors for all my builds now. 😀 I’m in the same boat you are – I adore conservatorys and really expected that or the garden to be my favorite. There are rooms I like a little less, but the majority are right up there. Glad you enjoyed it!

      Liked by 1 person

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