Bedlington Green-House

I took some liberties with this house conversion. If you’ve not noticed the running theme of giant windows, glass roofs, and lots of plants – well, it was continued by this house.

The original “theme” for green was “eco” and “hippy” – original, I know. Oh and a cat-lover. With the gardening and seasons update, it felt right to expand on it. This required me shifting the front room around a bit. But overall the house’s footprint remained the same.

This was the original apartment layout.

10-10-18_12-32-44 AM.png

The house ended up looking like this. 😀 I really like how I managed to work with the half-glass roof.

10-10-18_12-36-06 AM

I’ve been concentrating on my roofs a lot recently as I had always been a connoisseur of the “auto-roof” in previous Sims games. After four years Sims 4 hasn’t given me that option, so now I’m finally learning how to build them.

Originally you walked into a kitchen/living/dining room. Now you walk into the sunroom with a view of the Bay. The furniture is pretty much the same with a few more plants added.

10-10-18_12-37-15 AM.png

The footprint of the house and apartment are the same. So the room opens on to the kitchen/dining room. Probably the most boring room in the house.

10-10-18_12-37-25 AM.png

It’s fine. But I was thinking over it today and wondering if I could have made a quirkier eating area. It’s kind of “normal.” Although the color limits do make decorating more difficult.

10-10-18_12-37-31 AM

I do cheat though. None of these houses (or apartments) are strictly 100% only the color item. I wanted bathrooms and kitchens in all the apartments and some colors don’t get those objects. Lol. Decorations, plants, and windows don’t have to be the color. But I do try to pick from the objects the game classifies as “green”.

Outside of tweaking a few details or colors here and there, the bedroom and bathroom/laundry are identical to the apartment.

10-10-18_12-38-00 AM.png

I did notice when I went in to screenshot this that one of the wall plants over the laundry was floating in the room. Hopefully, it’s okay on the shared house? Probably not, so don’t be surprised. I’m not sure when it got moved.

10-10-18_12-38-26 AM.png

I did always like this bathroom/side entrance idea. Not very practical if there’s a houseful of sims, but great for a solo sim with a cat which is what I usually thought of when I was decorating.

10-10-18_12-38-31 AM.png

10-10-18_12-38-37 AM.png

Outside was fun, but challenging. There wasn’t that much space on the lot itself and the surrounding area was really really open (a running theme in these Brindleton Bay builds) so a crowded lot would stick out.

A simple seating area out back to imply that 90% of the time, the house dweller here just go down to the bay.

10-10-18_12-36-38 AM.png

The garden is currently build-mode plants so you can enjoy the garden look without the work. I plan on replacing them with gardening plants when I actually play this house which is why I put the sprinklers in there.

10-10-18_12-36-25 AM.png

The fun addition to this build is the little shed out back. I would love to be able to make this building NOT have a foundation. That has always annoyed me that all “ground” floor rooms must have a foundation if one of them does. I’m wondering if that will change with the new terrain tools? We can hope, right?

10-10-18_12-38-13 AM.png

So, that’s it. A tiny build, still 1br and 1bath. It’s on the gallery and ready for downloading!

Link to House Lot
Link to Apartment “Room”

  • Packs Used: (A Lot). Seasons, Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get to Work, Jungle Adventures, Parenthood, Vampires, Dine Out, Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat, Laundry Day (obviously), Toddler Stuff, Fitness Stuff, Vintage Glamour Stuff, Backyard Stuff, Spooky Stuff, Cool Kitchen
  • Lot Traits: None defined
  • Lot Details: 20×20 Brindleton Bay – Bedlington Boathouse
  • Cost: §84,241


    • Green is totally my favorite color so this was the most fun house and apartment to build. I tried to make each color a different personality. This isn’t quite me, but there’s a lot of me in here.

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