Chestnut Brown House

The apartment was a 2br 2bath apartment with a slight bent towards entertaining. I actually really loved getting to use the movie screen and a 70s-esk vibe with the stained glass lights in the living room.

10-10-18_12-33-10 AM

The original apartment for “brown” was one of my two basement builds. Adding windows was half the challenge here, but overall I managed to keep the interior look and feel/layout and still add the windows.

The main addition when I house-ified the was the tower out back. And the little covered bar/hot tub for additional entertaining.

10-10-18_12-43-04 AM

I ended up changing the walls throughout most of the build. In the apartments, I tended to use the same wall throughout as an ease of building (and becuase apartments are notorious for having the same walls everywhere.)

The front room was pretty dark with the original walls, so this kind of lightened it up a bit. As for furniture, the only thing I changed was removing the bookcase to add the door to the tower in the far back.

10-10-18_12-44-53 AM.png

The kitchen is so much lighter with a few windows. This house doesn’t have a proper dining area, just the bar and the couch for movie night dinners. If I could put tray tables in here I totally would.

10-10-18_12-45-00 AM.png

I wanted to see if I could do a 2 bathroom build or at least a 1.5 bathroom build and the basement build allowed me to use a bit more space than the upstairs. The “public” bathroom is just inside the front door.

10-10-18_12-45-16 AM.png

The only difference between it and the family bathroom is the addition of a shower. Most of these builds are pretty open and “modern” feeling. So I purposely closed this off with a hallway. I’m glad sims in 4 have no issues pathing through tiny 1 wide hallways!

10-10-18_12-45-27 AM.png

The laundry room is at the end of the hall and opens to the kid/teen room. The master bedroom is at the end of the hall. It was kind of fun to image a separate laundry room. Something I couldn’t’ really do in the other apartments.

10-10-18_12-45-33 AM.png

The kid’s room is pretty simple. But there’s some room for hobbies to be added. I updated the light in this room, I really love those pendant lights from Cats and Dogs.

10-10-18_12-45-39 AM.png

The master bedroom is pretty unique in that it’s split into two sections. The bedroom and a small office. The closet is actually the dividing feature. I sort of embedded the bed into the shelves behind them. I’ve always liked the idea of having shelves attached to my bed.

10-10-18_12-45-44 AM.png

10-10-18_12-45-50 AM.png

10-10-18_12-46-02 AM.png

These are my absolute favorite walls. I used them back in my Drifter game in Tyler’s house and I just love how 70s they feel and yet still kind of clean and interesting. This whole build would probably be more accurate with awful orange carpet. For once I’m happy the sims has a strong emphasis on wood floors.

That was all the original apartment build, so I didn’t end up doing much beyond updating lights and walls. The additional tower I ended up putting some hobby objects in it.

10-10-18_12-46-14 AM.png

10-10-18_12-46-26 AM

The top part of the of the tower is my biggest experiment. I hate how large the telescope has to be, but I kind of liked the idea of it poking out of the room. So I kind of crammed it up there. I’m not sure the sims can use it, but I tried to make the door accessible. So hopefully?

10-10-18_12-46-49 AM.png

I’m still not sure if the covered hot tub/bar area was the right idea. This lot is pretty small so it kind of feels a little crowded. It might have been better as a stone patio area. Something to help echo the stone walls of the exterior. Also, can I get a shout-out for non-white ceilings someday? Please?

10-10-18_12-43-56 AM.png

The rest of the yard though, I approve of. The right side continues the “wild” look of the forest beyond.

10-10-18_12-47-04 AM.png

This is another time when finding things in the “world” and not being able to use them in build mode was super sad. I love love love the fences in this area and figured it would help have the house fit into the open area. Sadly the fence does not exist.

10-10-18_12-47-09 AM.png

10-10-18_12-47-32 AM.png

Sigh. That and the grass. I also would have loved access to that brighter colored grass. Oh well.

The house and apartment are available on the gallery under ra3rei! You can see my awesome typing in action there. CHestnut Hidaway. Oops.

House Lot

  • Packs Used: Seasons, Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get to Work, Jungle Adventure, Parenthood, Vampires, Dine Out, Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat, Laundry Day, Toddler Stuff, Fitness Stuff, Vintage Glamour, Backyard Stuff, Kids Room, Movie Hangout, Cool Kitchen, Perfect Patio. … I should try using fewer packs.
  • Lot Traits: Science Lair, Homey, Good Schools
  • Lot Details: 30×20 Brindleton Bay – Hindquarter Hideaway
  • Cost: §64,660


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