Teal House

The teal build I turned into a house ages ago. I was looking for a house for Penelope and her daughter and the apartment fit the bill. Blue is probably one of the easier colors to properly do the single color challenge with – so I tried to focus on the teal colors.

10-10-18_12-33-14 AM.png

The house looks really nice in Brindleton Bay at Dachshund’s Creek. The share on the gallery is for a lot in Newcrest, but I didn’t edit the house or anything to take these shots. Penelope and her daughter have helped with the screenshots to show what’s it is like to live there.

10-10-18_12-40-23 AM

The house lots include cat hangout, so if add and keep some bowls outside, you’ll be rolling in cats in no time. I can confidently say, we were. Not sure if they hang out without the incentive.

02-11-18_12-53-13 AM.png

02-11-18_12-05-12 AM.png

The kitchen dining is still the main room you walk into and be the hub of the house. I didn’t have a strong personality planned for the teel house, beyond needed to overly love a single color.

10-10-18_12-42-26 AM.png

04-01-18_4-44-59 PM.png

The main bedroom has a kind of beach theme. Kind of. It’s right off the kitchen.

10-10-18_12-40-53 AM.png

The kid’s room is off the living room. I figure here is where the love of cats come from and mom is just super indulging about having stray cats ALL over the house. I think one bugged out on that bedstand.

10-10-18_12-41-18 AM.png

02-06-18_11-18-40 PM.png

I love the mural in the back of the living room. Perhaps windows would have made the room less basement-y, but I didn’t want to lose that. It was not easy to pick which of the many murals available that I wanted to use.

10-10-18_12-41-53 AM.png

02-11-18_12-39-32 AM.png

From the bar, you can see the kid’s bedroom door and the door to the back yard.

10-10-18_12-42-01 AM.png

The bathroom is usually the room I cheat the most in. I’m not willing to avoid a toilet, tub, sink just because the color I need is unavailable. Amazingly for blue no cheating is needed unless the color for the toilet had to be teal?

10-10-18_12-42-07 AM.png

If you’re looking for a good place for a chess table, I recommend the back porch. Penelope put on here for her daughter so I can say it works.

10-10-18_12-41-38 AM.png

10-10-18_12-41-43 AM.png

02-11-18_12-41-49 AM.png

The Teal house on the gallery (ra3rei) is identical to this one, excepting the lot. I believe it’s on a Newcrest lot as I made and placed it back ages ago. When I decided to put all these houses in Brindleton Bay I redownload it and took pictures.


  • Packs Used: Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get to Work, Parenthood, Vampires, Dine Out, Spa Day, Laundry Day, Toddler Stuff, Fitness Stuff, Vintage Glamour, Backyard Stuff, Kids Room, Romantic Garden, Movie Hangout, Cool Kitchen, Perfect Patio, Holiday Celebration (free pack)
  • Lot Traits: Cat Hangout, Gnomes, Home Studio
  • Lot Details: 30×20
  • Cost: §54,140



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