My MCC Settings

This is not an exhaustive list of all the settings and sections of MCC. For that, go to Deaderpool’s website or even better, chat on his Discord channel. This is a list of some of the settings I have that you might be interested in either out of curiosity or trying to get your world to fill well.

06-27-16_9-34-03 PM

Quality of Life Settings

These are the settings I have that improve my life and make building and playing less fussy.

  • Auto-Save: Set to every sim hour. I hate hate hate hate replaying.
  • Notification Settings: I turned everything not directly related to my immediate family.
  • Console Command: Enable Full Edit CAS, Testing Cheats, Moo, FreeBuild, and Ignore Unlocks; Turn off Headline Effects (saves me from having to remember to turn all these on every game).
  • Phone Texts: NONE
  • Gameplay Settings: Pause on zone load; For when I wander away while waiting for a lot to load – less of an issue on my new computer.
  • I have not touched the settings for CAS, Career, Cleaner, Clubs, Dresser
    • Although I have noticed if someone is bathing in clothes I can go to dresser commands and remove blacklist items – it’ll say there aren’t any blacklist items, but it fixes the bathing in random clothes issues.
  • Disabled Ghost Night, Knight Night, and Aliens Night at the bar

Keeping My World Filled

10-11-18_11-08-13 PM

These are the settings I have to keep my world alive. I’ve played around with these settings a bit. I’m looking for a good combination of not filling the world too fast or too oddly (like when every marriage was a YA with an Elder). But it was a running a little slow (too few sims having kids); so I just upped the Pregnancy chance percentage to 50% from 20%. I really would like a way to pause MCCC world management when I have aging turned off in the world for when I play multiple families, but so far that’s not an option.

  • MC Occult Maximum vampires: 3  (We were getting overrun)
  • MC Pregnancy – this controls the world spawning – NOT your played lots
    • Ages to Run Pregnancy: Young Adult only
    • Male Pregnancy: Allowed
    • Homeless Pregnancy: Allowed
    • Pregnancy Percentage: YA 50% (this is the only one that matters)
    • Allow Affairs – Yes
    • Partner Gender – Male and Female
    • Adoption Settings – 25% chance for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples
    • Run Marriages: Young Adult and Adult
    • Homeless Marriages: Allowed
    • Spouse Selection: Use Same Age Group Enabled – too many YAs pairing with Elders. I don’t mind this happening once or twice a generation, but it was happening all the time.

MC Woohoo Settings

08-14-18_11-16-02 PM

I don’t remember who said it, but somewhere it was mentioned that they allowed same-sex couples to have children because there are so many who wish they could and can’t due to either gender or other reasons. Since sims is a game, they thought it good to fulfill those dreams. This made way too much sense for me, which is why both in the world and in my families I allow same-sex pregnancies.

  • Same Sex Try for Baby: Allowed
  • Polyamory: Allowed
  • No Strings Woohoo
  • Risky Woohoo: 10%
  • Try for Baby Percent: 50%
  • Same-sex Pregnancy Sim – Initiator will get pregnant (for the baby challenge)
  • No Jealousy
  • Autonomous Woohoo & Try for Baby
  • All Moods Birth Control

Game Change Settings

If you’re a strict purist rule-follower, then these are the settings that are probably disqualifying me from all the challenges I do. Oh well.

  • Money Settings; Pay child support; current set to 1% – It means I sometimes get (or have to pay) money weekly.
  • Risky Vampirism; Only if they have the Creation Skill, but increasing chance to create a vampire if they compel or drink uncontrollably. (Up to 50%).
  • No Strings Woohoo (probably the worse cheat for a 100 baby challenge)
  • No Jealousy (probably was a significant cheat on my bachelor challenge, but I didn’t think to disable it until we were almost done)

Age Span Duration

07-19-17_12-15-47 AM

I made a custom age duration that matches the original Drifter childhood duration AND makes it so folks don’t have to have kids immediately upon young adulthood if they want to see their grandkids. The entirety of childhood is 29 days (same as the original pre-toddler span), young adult stayed at 24 days, and adult increased to 30 days.

  • Infant 1 day – we are not having these longer than we have to.
  • Toddler 6 days
  • Child 11 days
  • Teen 11 days
  • If I’m playing University I PAUSE aging until they graduate.
  • YA 24 days – no change
  • Adult 30 days
  • Elder – no change to default settings…yet


  1. Ugh yes! The post-toddler childhood duration takes forever and I even thought that 28 days of child and teenhood was too long before that (I’d do ten each, it was what I liked in TS3 as well since the balance was off even more)

    And never drink blood without protection! 😛 (It means collecting it in a condom and drinking it like a perverse Capri Sun)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, well there’s an image that will be stuck in my brain this morning. 🙂

      If I had my druthers, I’d totally have like 6 days of teenagerdom, it’s such a boring time. Just grow up, already!

      Liked by 1 person

    • No prob. I spend an entire day trying to figure out why my house sims weren’t getting pregnant after my first major attempt at this. I had only set up the town popuplation pregnancy rules. It can get convoluted. I haven’t even tried touching half the modules here.


    • You can pretty much just put it in and play it on default settings. I did mainly so my spares could get a life without me having to go in and manipulate them. Over the years, these ended up being the settings I wanted to tweak.

      But totally get the overwhelm. There are so many things you can tweak.

      Liked by 1 person

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