Happy Color

I’ve reviewed coloring books before – the digital kind. But as a serial enthusiast, I wasn’t in a coloring mood since I’ve gotten this phone. Then I was in the mood. I downloaded two randomly and opened them up. (The second one ended up being a monthly subscription with a 7-day trial – I immediately uninstalled it).

Happy Color

It’s a color by number app so it seems like it might not be a lot of fun, you pick the color at the bottom and click on boxes above that use the number. Not a lot of brain power. Which ended up being exactly what I want. It’s really satisfying and I don’t have to guess if something is part of sleave or background.

The best part is when you finish. The app zooms out and then shows you an animation of your coloring. Mandalas are so fun when they’re spiraling out from the center. Or watching a border run up and down the image.

Another thing I like is a lot of them are pretty complex with colors that just blend into one another and end up looking pretty nice. There are also simple ones that take just a few minutes to finish and others that take much longer.

Places and nature are probably my favorite categories – although I’ve been enjoying the Halloween ones as well. And I have a blast trying to figure out the best order to color it in so that the playback looks good.

They also appear to release about 6 new pictures a day.  The app is free, but I did pay about $3.00 (can’t find the actual price but it was around there) to get rid of the ads AND gives you unlimited hints. (They have a hint icon and if you haven’t paid you have to watch the little ads that blink on the screen to get charges on your hints). It wasn’t too annoying or hard to ignore, but they also have the bottom ad banner which I did click on by mistake a couple times when I was aiming for a color. It was def. worth the few bucks.

Happy Color is available in the google play store. I don’t know if it’s on iPhones – or if it’s different there. (I remember a few coloring book apps were very different on different platforms.)


Aside: I highly recommend coloring while listening to audiobooks – I’ve been listening to “They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper.” Which has a pretty good reason for why the Ripper shouldn’t be a mystery at all. As a warning, the author swears a lot (with good reason I feel) – but the reader of the audiobook is just perfect.


Your two cents,

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