Drifter House 006: Aubrey & Lorna Pt8

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Aubrey Drifter

When Skye had his birthday, it was totally surreal. How was my baby boy so big?! But as I said before, you just have to blink and they’ll be dating and driving. Well, maybe not driving. Not yet.

Lorna baked the most delicious cake, as usual for my boy’s birthday. He seemed so serious though, I wanted to ask what he was thinking about. If something was wrong. But I bit my tongue. There’s a lot that can be on a teenager’s mind. His whole life was opening up before him.

I didn’t need to worry. Before long he was back to his carefree nature. My house, despite its size, feels so full with four boys. No matter where you are in the house, you can hear someone else. Laughing, shouting, or even just the music of them dancing.

Skye is a hard worker and very responsible. He asked Lorna to help him with his application. As my eldest son, he’s definitely got a good chance to continue the Drifter line. I was kind of hurt that he didn’t ask me to help – but he said he’d wanted an outside perspective. So I guess that makes sense.

I’d be surprised if they refuse his application, he’s so talented in almost everything he tries. I know I’m supposed to be biased, being his mother. But we added the little sunroom to the back of the house and most days I can find him there, practicing the piano for at least an hour or two.

I never thought to do anything but paint. And Skye paints too, but it’s not his sole passion. Not like it was for my parents and not like it ended up being for me. I never ever stopped to think about if I liked painting, (I do), but it was just a habit and a way to make money. Skye is exploring all his options, I think. Looking to figure out what he really loves.

Lorna and her boys are doing well. Javon? Well, we expected him to be with us a lot longer than he was. But sometimes illness catches you up. He had time to say goodbye to us all and I think that’s helped them all move on with their lives.

It seems hardest on little Jasper though. He’s still just a boy so he’ll never get a chance to know his dad. Not like his brothers did. Although he looks more like his father than the other two.

Today though, it’s finally his birthday. The last baby of the house ready to add more noise and smells to the already sometimes overwhelming … maleness of the place. Jasper seems ready to grow up though. Too cool for school I think.

He’s one of the most popular kids at school. But did he want a big party with all his friends? Nope. He wanted hot dogs and cake with his family. I think, despite the tragedy of losing his father, he’s going to be just fine.

Happy Birthday, Jasper!

Skye Drifter

Like my new hair? It was way too long and getting in everything. Sure I had dreds since I was a toddler – maybe I was born with them. But I needed a new look. And boy is it a huge weight off my head.

I kind of felt like I would float away when I first chopped them all off. But nah, it’s cool (literally sometimes) to feel the breeze on my neck.

Mom ended up doing something similar – although she didn’t go as short as me. She said something about being too old for all that hair and maintenance. It’s weird, seeing her getting older. Kind of scary.

She’s not going to be here for the rest of my life. Which is obvious when you think about it, but I never really thought about before. Now, sometimes I catch myself staring at her hand. It looks older now. Softer. Sometimes it doesn’t even look like my mom’s hand…

I’m kind of all over the place if you want to know. Into a bit of everything. But you gotta try everything if you want to know what you like. Mom ended up being an artist – but she confessed to me the other day, she never thought about being something else. So I’m gonna experiment a bit. See what’s out there.

I don’t mind studying, although I think I do prefer the outdoors. But sometimes there are things it’s easier to learn from a book than from experience. Like what happens when you combine two volatile elements (explosions that mom would not appreciate, I can promise you that.)

I’m a fairly decent singer. Well, I’m kind of decent at all music, but while it’s fun to play around, I don’t think that’s my passion. More like practice so you don’t mess up in front of your friends. It’s easy to be marginally better than everyone else – much harder to be actually good at something.

But I’d like to be a well-rounded sim. I love my mom and she does seem genuinely happy with how her life turned out. But I might always wonder what she would have done if she hadn’t become an artist.

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Author’s Notes

I’ll be honest. These pictures have been sitting in this post for probably a year? Er… more than that. I just checked they were added July 2017. I was super stuck at the time and completely unable to write. So I dumped the pictures in this chapter than the next (last) and moved on. You already know that. Skye’s bachelor challenge already happened and in my game, he’s just had his adult birthday and is well on his way to finishing his house. So I wanted to see if I could quickly finish this off. If the voices are off – that’s why. I haven’t thought in Drifter for forever. We probably won’t get a story of his generation. More like the first few where we get pictures and snapshots. But I want to catch up to where I am in the game. 


  1. Don’t feel bad about letting pictures sit in posts unpublished. I have the same thing happen when I go through my game “phases”. I think the voices came through just fine in this post, and I loved the pictures. Why it’s taken me a year and a half to get to reading them, I don’t know. 🙂 But it’s definitely worth the wait!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You knew that I wouldn’t get around to continuing the stories for a year – that’s why! Lol. Luckily I think I’m back in a swing of things. I’m half done with my next drifter and switch generations so I’ll get to post them soon!


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