Drifter House 006 – Aubrey & Lorna Pt9

Lorna Jang

It’s so weird to say goodbye. Saying goodbye to Javon was harder than anything I’d ever done before. But part of me knew it was okay. That was how life worked. Saying goodbye to my boys? Letting go? I probably call Blaze too often, but I want updates all the time on his life. He was my first.

Aubrey finally convinced the boys to help me out in the garden. It’s not huge, but with all the Silly Sally books I’m writing these days, I’m afraid I’d kind of let the weeds take over.

It was when we were weeding that Skye got the call. The one Blaze never got. He was accepted. I wasn’t all that surprised. The authorities are suckers for tradition and the Drifter family goes back generations. It was weird, they wanted him to do some kind of special event first. Something for TV, I think.

So then we were down two boys. Half of them. The house started to get really quiet and really big. I could spend all day in my office and never hear a peep. And this was during the summer when they were supposed to be around all the time.

Little Jasper grew up to look so much like his daddy sometimes it hurts. That flat little nose! But I would never tell him that. He’s going to have to figure out on his own what he wants to do.

Something beyond watching movies all day I hope.


Aubrey Drifter

So this is it. That moment when you look back on your life. On your teenage self and take stock. Did I do it? Did I accomplish what I wanted? That big house full of love and a gazebo? Lol. I was fixated on having a gazebo.

I would have to say yes. Yes, we did and it was nothing like teenage Aubrey expected. I didn’t imagine helping raise four rambunctious boys. Or that that would be the best part of it all. I really couldn’t see past a pretty picture in my mind. A painting of a house.

But life isn’t really like a painting. It’s 3D, messy, and oh so much better.

The End (of Gen 6)

Extra: The Autonomous Ghost Files

Hates Children. Pretty sure I never mentioned it, but Masato (Skye’s father) hates children. He’s probably pretty happy that he didn’t have to live in a house with four boys…he definitely wasn’t always fond of haunting it.

Acquaintances. According to their friendship bars, they are barely acquaintances and yet when I wasn’t paying attention, Masato showed up and this happened. Maybe Aubrey was curious if it was any different now?

See you in Generation 7!

08-04-17_7-53-08 PM

Previous | Skye’s House Pary

Author’s Note: Honesty time. I failed. By about 50k.  However, I’m going to keep playing this family and will attempt this challenge again someday as a one-off. I tried it on extreme which means you start with nothing. The other challenge levels let you start with some cash. Had I started on Difficult (75k) or Standard (150k ) I would have been fine. So, I added the difficult starting cash of 75k right before Skye’s birthday and that gave me the cash to upgrade the house to 350k. I did adjust my cc at one point in this save and lost some of the house. Was it 50k worth? I have no idea. I also got lazy in the middle with all those boys about and when we lost Javon’s doctor’s (level 9!) income, that hurt as well. Working all out, I could make just under 50k if I’d had two more days (or noticed earlier how close Skye was to his birthday).


  1. Of the houses I’ve played, this is the house that gave me the most trouble – both times I played it. You got so close, I completely understand that you didn’t want to start over. Losing the family you put so much time into is almost unthinkable! I like to think the CC adjustment was the problem, so the house would have been a success.

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    • I feel similar. Lol. Although for some of these challenges (like the second generation switch challenge) where I kind of failed. I’m thinking of having a spare give them another go down the line. I end up with so many lovely sims in this world that I never get to play….and yeah – cc will kill me one day. I have so little of it now, but then I get weird and add it back in and remove it and mess everything up. Lol.


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