Greetings 01

To: Peacock Drifter
910 Medina Studio
Arts Quarter, San Myshuno

Hi Sis!

Just wanted to let you know I arrived safe and sound. Have you finished moving in yet? Bet you wish your place was fully furnished like mine. You’ll have to tell me all about it! You would not believe how green this place is. There are green plants (and bugs) everywhere. I never realized how barren and lifeless the city was. But this IS the middle of nowhere, no internet and the whole town shares a single pay phone. So postcards it is. Can’t wait to find my first artifact.

Love, Feather

August 7th

This is it. No turning back now. Dad might have gone all the way to San Myshuno when he left home, but that’s not even half the distance I’ve gone. I’m halfway across the world. Who would have thought it would be me packing up everything and leaving San Myshuno behind? I was the obedient one.

03-30-18_8-33-13 PM.png

But when my advisor mentioned her old mentor was looking for an undergrad, something shifted inside me. I’d always been fascinated by the ancient Selvadoradan culture, the ‘mystery of the jungle.’ they say. What happened all those generations ago that caused the people to abandon the temples? Whole families just up and left and never returned – at least not to the temples.

03-25-18_11-08-59 PM

Dr. Catherwood has made this his life’s work and he’s hired me to help him. I’m so eager to get started. I bought all the supplies I think I’ll need – the ruins seem so tantalizingly close and yet none of them are within an hour’s walk of town. I bought a new digital camera and every book published by Dr. Catherwood. I’m starting with his Incidents of Travel in Selvadorada. The images he took are astounding.


This place is not even halfway to nowhere, it’s absolutely nowhere. The town is super cute of course.

03-05-18_10-37-32 PM

Totally devoted to the tourists, which is the only trade here outside of farming and that’s only to support the locals. Merchants line the streets, selling, shouting, trying to get everyone’s attention at once.

03-05-18_10-44-49 PM

It reminds me of the arts district back home with all its colors and the scent of spices heavy in the air. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to be homesick, but yeah, maybe a little.

03-30-18_9-37-02 PM.png

Even though I got this awesome little house all to myself. I figured I’d be bunking with others, but nope. As one of three, I’ve never had anything to myself before.

03-05-18_10-21-03 PM

Authors Note: I know. I know ANOTHER story to abandon. But this part is only 7 chapters long so it’s short? I wanted to play with the new pack when it came out. So this is focused on exploring the Jungle Adventure pack and mystery of the ruins. Mostly sim-driven.

I actually have an archeology degree. There’s a lesson for you – major in what you want and maybe Sims will create a pack so you can live out your early dreams. Not that I ever wanted the hassle of writing grant proposals and counting chicken bones – not for a living. Federick Catherwood (aka Dr. Catherwood) wasn’t an archeologist – he was an architect and explorer in the 1830s and 1840s. But he and Stephens (writer and explorer) are credited with “discovering” the Mayan culture Mesoamerica. I own his book Incidents of Travel and the lithographs are really amazing.


Your two cents,

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