Greetings 03

To: Tracey Drifter
702 Zenview Apts
Fashion District, San Myshuno

Hi Tracey,

How’s school doing? I hope you’re feeling better now. I’m in Selvadorada which is pretty far south from where you live. It’s really hot here all the time. I’ve been living here for three months now and am dreaming of snow. Your mom says you already have too much. I’ve found a new spot up in the hills that no one has explored before. It’s more recent than the temples – an old airplane crash. But it’s a mystery as no one knows where it came from. Keep your chin up and say hi to your mom for me! Be there soon for the holidays with presents!

Love, your Aunt Feather!

November 3rd

To get used to the jungle and camping out, I’ve been exploring some of the nearby hills. It’s weird being out in the wilderness after a lifetime of city streets. The trees are as big as skyscrapers but seem even more massive.

03-30-18_8-38-53 PM.png

03-30-18_9-54-16 PM.png

03-30-18_8-47-56 PM.png

Like Loxi, the Falls doesn’t have much remaining in the way of artifacts, but it’s one of the ‘three main sites of Selvadorada!’ according to all the guidebooks. So I had to go there. And yeah, they are beyond impressive.

03-05-18_10-55-39 PM.png

Holy? I feel “religious spot” always seems to be the answer when the real answer is, we have no clue. Maybe it was a trysting spot for ancient Selvadoradan teenagers. It certainly is today.

03-25-18_11-18-11 PM.png

In my exploration though, I found my own site! It’s not Selvadoradan. But Dr. Catherwood insisted it was just as important. It’s an old plane crash site, from back when these jungles were even less explored.

03-30-18_9-48-40 PM.pngAt first, we didn’t know anything about the site. Did they survive? Who were they? This area has never been popular – at least not before the temples were found. So why had they come?

03-30-18_9-50-04 PM.png

Since I found it, I got permission to turn my attention from llama bones and directing tourists to the bathroom. The crash wasn’t that bad, more like a forced landing. And I don’t think that they died -I never found any sim bones. But there was plenty of wreckage to wade through. Lots of clues.

03-26-18_12-07-50 AM.png

I’m back in town now, wishing I had access to the internet, I’d love to look up the serial number on the plane and see if any explorers from fifty years ago went missing, or maybe they returned. While I wait for a response to my inquiry to make it back from civilization, I’m interviewing all the old ladies and men who would have been living back then. I’m sure they know something.

Author’s note: It was fun finding people for Feather to write home to. Although I’m sure she wrote many more than the seven we have. Tracey is the child of Feather’s older sister, Feng who is continuing my Switch game and will be documented here soon. At this time, Tracey Drifter is about 10 years old.


Your two cents,

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