Two Point Hospital

I’ve been playing Two Point Hospital a lot these days. When I first saw it, I was like – nah – don’t need it. Even though simulation games are my most favorite genre. A hospital sim? I’ve never owned one of those. There’s a surgeon simulator game I watched someone else play (watched very little) and it was… kind of gross.

Two Point Hospital is not gross and it’s kind of funny. They have interesting diseases light “lightheadedness” and “mock star”.

Or you know – having a pan stuck on your head.

The reason I went from watching to playing was I wanted to fix the builds I was seeing. He was just kind of tossing everything around the hospital he was building without too much thought. I wanted to try. (This is a common illness of mine, I wanna play too!)

There are a lot of hospitals that get unlocked. These are just the first three.

You start the game off in a pretty simple and small hospital. They’ve already built some stuff for you (a receptionist and GP’s office) so all you have to do is hire a doctor and a receptionist and wait for patients to come in. As the game progresses more and more rooms are unlocked for you to treat the patients. You get more furniture to decorate your hospital and more to pay attention to like ghost management and temperature.

3-star Hospital. You get stars as you treat patients and do other unlocks.

I’ve just started my fourth hospital in the valley. I tend to start off my hospitals the same way – receptionist, GPs office, and then whatever is needed to tend the first sick sim. Maybe they need the pharmacist or a ward to recovery here at the hospital. Both of those require you to hire a nurse. And it goes from there.


The very beginning.
Ooh – a Halloween upgrade!
Tiny Ward. The game tells you if you need a room you don’t have.
Building the pharmacy. Just click and plop. And a bit finiky in placement and rotation. 
Not all the time, but when a patient dies they sometimes become a ghost.
Fracture Ward Emergency – This room was unlocked at this hospital.
Growing and expanding. We’re up to two stars.
The receptionist is now a hopping place.
And time for a break.

If you’re like me and like business simulation games, feel free to watch a video or two or wait for it to go on sale on steam (I’m sure it will). At full price, it feels a little steep, but then again – it’s a lot deeper a game than I expected.


  1. This game, by the same developers of Theme Hospital (the original), was the very first game I got addicted to! I never did get to the end of Theme Hospital because my game kept crashing. I had downloaded Steam and looked at the cost, and yes, it is rather pricey. Anyway, looks like you’re having fun.


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