Greetings 04

To: Rex Drifter
IX Landgraab Apts
Uptown, San Myshuno


It was great to see you over the holidays. I’m glad your new job is going well, don’t let them push you around. I’m back at work now writing up my paper on the plane crash I told you about in between cataloging all the artifacts we found there. Soon they’ll send me back out again. The explorers returned and we were right. They found a new temple in the jungle! I’ll be part of the team that gets to explore it. I’ll tell you all about it when I see you next.

Hugs, your sister Feather

January 14

It was weird going home. On one side it was kind of like I never left. But it was also like a totally different world. Like the city is the dream – steal and smog and when the jungle with its mountains and fog is the reality.

03-27-18_10-07-21 PM.png03-30-18_8-04-58 PM.png

It was good to visit, but better to return. And I returned at just the right time.

03-26-18_12-09-43 AM.png

Not that Dr. Catherwood would have left without me, but I’m glad I didn’t hold them up. They’re saying it’ll take weeks to get to the new site – but not as long as the original team took, now that we know where we are going.

And yes, it’s a new temple! One that no one has been to since the “disaster” struck. It’ll be our first chance to see if they left any clues as to what happened.

03-25-18_11-20-39 PM.png

We’re in the middle of the jungle right now. It’s good I practiced in the hills near town because this is that to the nth degree! If you had told me back then that that as “tame” I would have never believed you. But it was. We can’t go five steps without having to reroute around a ravine or cut through some dense brambles.

03-25-18_11-22-40 PM.png

03-05-18_10-53-25 PM.pngThere are tantalizing glimpses of other ruins. Small steela here and there, a broken wall, even small shrines.

03-30-18_8-49-35 PM.png

We are stopping so often to mark them on our map for later explorations. They’re tempting but nothing can deter us from the prize. An unexplored temple.

03-30-18_8-40-26 PM.png

03-25-18_11-27-58 PM.png

Author’s Note: I’m sure it snows in San Myshuno in the winter with Feather was “there” – but these pictures were taken before seasons was released. (The sim standing next to Feather at the food cart is Yumiko from Swtich gen 2. I love playing all my Drifters in the same world now -chance meetings are the best!) We should get weather in part two as these chapters pretty much sum up how far I got in my game and she’s not maxed archaeology yet. 


    • Oh she freaked out! But she doesn’t want to scare too badly her neicelet who did actually just age up with the Jungle Adventure aspiration! Lol. By the fourth or fifth time the spiders dropped on her – she was much calmer.

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