Greetings 05

To: Emery Drifter
Oasis Springs

Hi Emery,

Your dad says you’re interested in the jungle. I can definitely tell you it’s a pretty exciting place. We’ve has been camping outside this new temple for the past month while we make explore inside. No one has been here before – we had to hike for two weeks from town. It took so long, I thought we were lost. I’ve seen some spiders as big as my hand, but don’t let that give you pause. The flowers are as big as your head and the views are totally worth it. It’s amazing to look around and realize no one else has been here in generations. Maybe Skye will let you visit when you’re older and I’ll take you all around.

Love, Aunt Feather

March 21

03-25-18_11-27-02 PM.png

03-25-18_11-28-50 PM.pngWe are all so exhausted. We only have the supplies to stay for half a season so we’re trying to get as much done as possible. We rise at dark and just as the sun rises we head inside. I thought I knew what to expect based on Loxi and the smaller temples around town. Nope. Like the jungle those are “tame” and this one is “wild.”

03-30-18_8-58-36 PM.png

It seems that the Selvadoradans trapped their temples. Were they always trapped? Or did they do this when they left? Or perhaps something else is living in there now and they’re responsible for the traps.

03-30-18_9-05-31 PM

The puzzles we can safely say are original. Turn this stone here, stand over there, shine a light. Sometimes it takes us all day to figure them out.

03-25-18_11-39-23 PM

03-26-18_10-42-59 PM.png

But the temple had to be built around those – they’re clearly built into the structure. Seeing them now, I can see where they probably were back in Loxi, long since solved.

03-25-18_11-41-36 PM.png

But the traps? Stand here and a flame shoots out? Poison arrows? Were those original? And if so why? It makes no sense that a civilization would need hundreds of puzzle rooms where you could die. A rite of passage?

03-26-18_10-45-39 PM.pngIf so what’s in the center will help us understand why these temples were built. At least I hope so. And I hope we are getting close to the center.

03-25-18_11-33-45 PM.png

Every seventh day we “rest” which means sorting and tagging what we’ve found. True there’s no traps or death-defying feats, but it’s not really restful. It’s writing notes in the dark and drizzle, shifting sand to find the smallest sherd. We fall to bed exhausted after the moon has risen every day.

03-26-18_10-47-27 PM.png

Author’s Note: Exploring temples is so much fun! They stay the same until you finish exploring them or go home from vacation, whichever comes first. I had no idea – so this temple…we never got to the center of. Feather went home before we finished it. Oops.

Emery Drifter is Skye and Osvaldo Drifter’s second child. Skye is our gen 7 Drifter and now that I’ve finished his mother’s generation, I can start posting his chapter. Emery got the Jungle Adventure aspiration at teenagerhood – so I figured I could work with that. Feather isn’t probably an aunt here… second cousin? But I like the idea that familiar elder relatives are aunts and uncles regardless.


    • We’re probably only getting half her letters, lol. But yeah – I had a lot of fun picking out which sim she was going to send which postcard to and also what she was going to say in them that advanced the “plot” a bit.


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