Greetings 06

Greetings 6
To: Rez Drifter
IX Landgraab Apts
Uptown, San Myshuno

Hi Dad,

Tell Pheonix not to worry, I know I sounded terrible on the phone. I caught some kind of jungle bug, but it’s not serious and I’m already feeling so much better. They sent me back which sucks since we were getting deep into the temple. But Dr. Catherwood insisted it’ll still be there when I’m better. I’m waiting for one of the explorers to return to take me back so I’ve been spending more time in town. It’s hard to believe I’ve been here almost a year, and really only know my coworkers. There’s this one guy that’s teaching me the local dance – I look ridiculous but it’s fun, I’ll show you when I get home.

Love, Feather

June 6th

03-25-18_11-04-43 PM.pngI’ve probably missed the great reveal, we hadn’t made it to the temple’s center when I came down with something nasty. I’ll admit I don’t remember it. Probably something I picked up in the temple. A trap? Or just bad luck. No one else caught it.

03-05-18_10-59-45 PM.png

Dr. Catherwood packed me up and sent me back to town. It was touch and go for a while. I was fevered and delirious – at least that’s what Granny says. She’s the resistant doctor and probably 100 years old. Or older. But she took one look at me and made something. Within a week I was up and about. Weak. But fine. It was probably a mistake to call home. But I wanted to hear a familiar voice.

03-05-18_11-05-58 PM.png

For the first time, I have nothing to do. It’s like I’m a tourist myself. Waiting to return to the temple. I’m spending a lot of time in town.

03-05-18_11-10-24 PM.pngI did finally find someone who knew about that old plane. Granny! She says she was just a girl when a stranger stumbled out of the jungle into what was an even smaller town that what’s here today. They were also fevered and delirious which is why she knew what to do with me. Her grandma had done the same for the explorer.

03-05-18_10-48-00 PM

The sim was named Amelia and she’d been trying to set a record for circumnavigating the globe. When as she was flying over the jungle, the controls stopped working. She landed at the top of the mountain, next to an old ruin where she’d sheltered. That’s where she caught the same disease as me. I remember seeing walls up there.

03-30-18_9-53-50 PM.png

While I wait to head back the temple, I think I’ll head back up there and poke around. The temple is probably in ruins and long since looted. But it’ll be good to take another look around.

Author’s Note: I loved making the postcards for this. I actually made them back when I was playing it knowing that if I was going to write this story, I wanted to make it a postcard story. But I decided to add Feather’s journal so I could give more pictures as well as say more than will fit on a tiny piece of paper. 


    • She’s working on the dance you can learn there. Not an expert yet – but def. learning. 😀 I noticed her in the background of another familiy practicing it on her own.


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