Chateau Grize

This house’s downstairs is based on the layout for my grey apartment. (The entryway is the bottom of the screenshot.)

10-10-18_12-33-45 AM.png

I know, I know, I’m American – I just prefer the word grey over gray (and storey, and humour if I’m being honest). I did expand the rooms since this lot is so large. Then I added an upstairs with three more bedrooms and a den.

10-25-18_10-01-12 PM.png

Starting with the yard, I really had fun with the flower beds – they’re in planters but I liked the wooden edging. Since sims don’t try to plan in planters autonomously, it should be safe.

10-25-18_9-54-27 PM.png

The deck’s a little sparse (as is most of the downstairs). But there’s a little seating area to the side by the bird feeder, and then a proper entertainment area in the back.

10-25-18_9-55-26 PM.png

I debated waiting until terrain tools is released so I could make the wall around the stove without a foundation (can NOT wait for that!!), but it works as it is well enough I think.

My pride and joy for this house is the play area. And yeah – it doesn’t really match the grey theme, but I wanted a pool. I have a little cc “doll house” that looks like a pile of sand I’m putting in the sandbox when I find the right family to live here. Then the kids might actually use it.

10-25-18_9-55-41 PM.png

Inside, as I said, mirrors the apartment. But the stairs going upstairs to the landing made this front room feel a lot different. I had to fuss a lot with the roof and trim to make sure the room worked as a two-story room. There might be a hint of roofing coming through though, oops.

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The kitchen has been extended to include a breakfast nook. I stole my idea from the villa here, to use those dine out seats for the nook.

10-25-18_9-56-30 PM.png

The living room and dining room are pretty average. It’s easy to be average when your color is grey.

10-25-18_9-56-37 PM.png

10-25-18_9-57-58 PM.png

The back room I expanded into and office and laundry room that opens out on to the entertainment area (and bay) in the backyard.

10-25-18_9-57-20 PM.png

It also has a secret door next to the desk that leads to the master suite.

10-25-18_9-57-31 PM.png

The master suite has a new bathroom added. This place technically has three bathrooms, but they’re all downstairs.

10-25-18_9-56-54 PM.png

10-25-18_9-57-07 PM.png

Upstairs now, we see the reading landing.

10-25-18_9-58-11 PM.png

10-25-18_9-58-25 PM.png

I built this house in three goes. First was the downstairs. Then the exterior (and upstairs – but that first build didn’t get saved), then when enough time had passed to take the sting out of losing the entire upstairs, I made upstairs again. So the upstairs is a bit more decorated than downstairs.

Across from the landing, there is the den. In the first upstairs build, I added a movie screen, but it didn’t really work too well, and I wanted more bedrooms up here. So now it’s just a stupidly large TV and bar.

10-25-18_9-59-38 PM.png

The three bedrooms are currently decorated for a teen, child, and toddler.

10-25-18_10-00-51 PM.png10-25-18_9-59-55 PM.png10-25-18_10-00-25 PM.png

And that’s it. This house is available on the gallery under ra3rei with the rest of my builds. I’m taking a small break from builds (I’m halfway done with the red house) and waiting for terrain tools to come out. But be warned, there will be a LOT of builds then.

House Link

  • Packs Used: (Many) Seasons, Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get to Work, Jungle Adventures, Parenthood, Vampires, Dine Out, Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat, My First Pet Stuff – Sorry, Laundry Day, Toddler Stuff, Fitness, Vintage Glamour, Backyard, Kids Room, Movie Hangout, Spooky Stuff, Cool Kitchen, Perfect Patio, Luxury – did I get them all?
  • Lot Traits: Good Schools, Private Dwelling, Gnomes
  • Lot Details: 40×40 (Bridleton Bay – Chateau Frize)
  • Cost: §198,162


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