Greetings 07

To: Peacock Drifter
910 Medina Studio
Arts Quarter, San Myshuno

I have SO much to tell you, it’s not going to fit on this tiny card. But I’ll be coming home soon and we can talk then. I kind of made a mistake. Not anything that will get me fired or thrown out of Selvadorada. But I’m going to miss the second half of the expedition. We’ve found so much already. Lucky’ll it’ll be years before we’ve even scratched the surface at this temple and every day has been an adventure. I’m flying home in a week. I want to see you first.

Love, your sister

03-30-18_8-20-54 PM.png

03-30-18_10-59-32 PM

03-30-18_11-10-19 PM.png

guyEnd of Part One


Author’s note: And there we have it. Feather’s first trip to Selvadora. She’s back now, so I’m working on part two and hopefully, we’ll discover the mystery of why the temples are booby-trapped? Maybe learn some more about Amelia? I’ve no idea yet but I’m def. heading back into the game soon so we can all find out.  Thanks for reading!


    • Thanks for reading! 😀 I’m now super excited to keep playing and see what else she’ll find in the temples. We’ve only explored one to the very end so far. Before the “mistake” happened.


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