Rimworld 1.0

It’s been a while since I reviewed Rimworld. Now that it has “released” – I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at it again. The game has done nothing but improve over the last year. A lot of the mods I deemed necessary in .17 are no longer needed.

My most recent game was a Lord of the Rims modded version of Rimworld. With Hobbits. We just had a fantastic colony wipe just after the first autumn fell when a band of four or five dwarves attacked my tiny hobbits (they are half the size of a dwarf) and knocked them all out triggering the Man in Black scenario. Two hobbits were kidnapped and the Man in Black rushed to try to rescue the two remaining injured hobbits. They both died as he attempted to treat them. And then the one potential prisoner died before we could capture him.

Original landing spot. I’m turning the mountain into a hobbit hole. The archways are adorable.

Hobbits are super fun to play although they eat a TON. I was merrily making lovely hobbit holes all over the landscape; moving folks into their own spaces, culling the massive chicken colony, and thinking about tailoring when the disaster struck. Ah well.

Lord of the Rims has a lot of needed mods and it does really slow down the game load. But you can play as dwarves, elves, or hobbits. And there’s plenty of other fun furniture to make. There’s a way to use a mod to remove guns from your game. Unfortunately, I did not figure out how to do it right. I may try as Elves next. I hear they’re a bit overpowered, but sometimes that’s fun.

There are so many options on what to build! This became my kitchen. (The dirt piles turn green with time)

Previously in my .19 save I was playing the original scenario in a lovely arid map filled with lots of mining. I altered my mod list and hoped that it would still work. (It does!)

This is a modern group. The heart of the colony is the dining room

The area is perpetual summer and it had a lovely deep canyon where we were living so that any invader had to go all the way around the map just to get to our front door. Wood was a major issue on this map, but that was about it. That and the time it takes to smooth walls and floors for our under mountain base (infestations turned OFF). The colony is still going well.

Unless they break down my doors, invaders must come from the south.

Before that, I was testing out the naked and alone scenario. They are not kidding when they say it’s tough. My main issue was getting ready for that first raid of one naked invader and making sure my guy could melee better than the invader. I lost, a lot.

Overall if you liked Rimworld before, you will like it better now. If you didn’t want to try it while it was in beta, it’s officially released now, so go and get it. Honestly, this is one of my top 5 games of all time.


Your two cents,

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