Rimworld Mods

As of writing, there are 1,785 mods for Rimworld 1.0 and I’m sure by the time this releases there will be more. I am by no means a heavy modder of Rimworld. Although I love the idea of using all the Rainbeau mods or all the A Dog Said mods. Just to try a totally different “game” – like playing with Lord of the Rims.

Mods I will probably always play with

  • Hospitality – guests will come and hang out with you. You can trade with them and sometimes (for a price) convince them to join you.
  • Psychology – tweaks the moods and traits of your pawns. Importantly expanding the trait “Gay” to the kinsey scale for more variety.
  • Camera+ – didn’t think I’d need this one but when I tried to play without it, I was instantly frustrated. It just lets you zoom in and out more.
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius – just displays both temperatures on the menu – currently not updated. 😦

Mods that give let’s me “build it beautiful”

(to steal from AKiss4Luck)

  • Stuffed Floors – more floors
  • Glass+Lights – “windows” and stuff
  • RIMkea – a variety of interesting furniture from primitive to advanced (must be researched)
  • Medieval Times – a variety of primitive stuff
  • Fences and Floors – I wanted to fence my animals in away from the wild animals
  • Dirt Walls and Floors – haven’t used this much but since my dirt paths are gone, I’m hoping this will replace that.
  • Facial Stuff – adds facial features and animation to the pawns (they’ll blink and smile). Also adds hands and feet which I turn off because they look weird.
  • This list is always changing as I look for more things

Mods That Tweak the game

  • Alpha Animals – adds a bunch of animals into the game. I got bombarded with a bunch of cactus quill things that dropped from a ship. Mostly they’ve been harmless.
  • END Prepare Carefully – I rarely use this on startup, but just in case I have it in
  • Snap Out! – I am so liking being able sometimes to convince a pawn to stop having a break before they pass out or destroy the base.
  • Evil Tactician’s RimWorld Tweaks – This tweaks a bunch of small things in the game – like lights taking 15 instead of 30 power, cooking 5 meals at a time, colored mood bars (like Moody), and some clothes as well. There’s a lot here.
  • SF Grim Reality 1.0 – This changes mood-related items like the buffs and debuff for sleeping outside, getting married/divorced, etc. Changing the balance of stuff.

Lord of the Rims Mods

  • Jecs Tools – required for these mods to work
  • Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 – needed for some of the different body model mods
  • Lord of the Rims – The Third Age – should limit technology to medieval (must have installed it wrong)
  • Lord of the Rims – Elves
  • Lord of the Rims – Dwarves
  • Lord of the Rims – Hobbits
  • ModSwitch – I’m trying this out to alternate between Lord of the Rims and not. It’s a basic mod list manager.

The mod I would build if I could

I want a simple window mod. It’s the reason I’m playing with the Glass+Lights mod. But it doesn’t quite do what I want. I want three types of windows. One – open holes in the walls that let in light (during the day), bullets/arrows if attacked, and heat/cold. Two – the ability to put shutters on that window to block the heat/cold and other things when it’s closed. It would be like having a vent in the wall – that also lets in light. And lastly, the ability to add glass to the windows so they can let in light during the day but not bullets, heat and cold.

I haven’t decided if I should learn more coding to make this. I keep hoping someone else will, but so far – no luck.

Your two cents,

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