Building a Castle – Pt1

I wanted to play our new terrain tools. See what was possible. So, I jumped over to the large Windenburg island lot and plopped a bunch of hills. Initially I’d thought it would be cool to match the distant rocky terrain, but you can’t color the hill dirt (yet?). So instead I added boxes to my hills.

2018-11-13 17_33_50-The Sims™ 4.png

And gave myself the challenge of getting those boxes to connect in sensible ways without the game yelling at me or bugging out. It did this a lot. At first, I still wasn’t entirely sure what I was building or if I was just playing around.

2018-11-13 17_06_40-The Sims™ 4.png
It would NOT connect the two items despite being the same height.
2018-11-13 17_28_02-The Sims™ 4.png
I managed to add stairs! But the floor was missing.

But slowly, as I connected things, it started to come together. I figured out I was building a castle! Which made the next challenge was even worse than connecting boxes. Finding a foundation, wall, and railing that worked together. I’ve checked, and there aren’t many where you can find all three matching.

2018-11-13 18_11_10-The Sims™ 4.png
I decided this stone felt too modern.

I did find one set that matched, but it ended up feeling too matchy-matchy. So I shifted my focus to look for complementary colors. I fell in love with the dark “get ruins” bricks from Get Together paired with the orderly stone foundation.

2018-11-13 18_28_11-The Sims™ 4.png
The foundation looks brighter in this picture than it does in my game. (I think it’s my monitors.)

That’s when my build really started to come to life. The roofs were surprisingly easy. Although there was a lot of finagling to get the walls and the buildings and the roofs to all line up. At first, the observatory was in the tallest middle tower, but it felt off, so it got moved.

2018-11-13 20_42_43-The Sims™ 4.png
I had to curve up the roof bits to hide the tops of the columns in some places.

I ended up giving the walls a different color – make the match the dirt a bit better and then finally finally finally, added windows and lighting up the railings so there was more contrast.

2018-11-13 21_36_33-The Sims™ 4.png
I really liked those awnings and kind of just splattered them about.

I suspect as I do the interior, I’ll be shifting the windows around. Maybe adding more balconies. But that, and landscaping are a challenge for another day.

Here’s the current look from all sides. If you’ve got any thoughts, edits, or suggestions, I’m all ears! I don’t think I’ve ever made anything this massive before.

11-13-18_9-44-37 PM.png
Front – although probably not where sims spawn. Thinking of doing a tree-lined entrance.
11-13-18_9-44-52 PM.png
Left – I love the little stairwell up to the observatory on the outside of the corner tower.
11-13-18_9-44-57 PM.png
Back – getting this wall to warp around took some time. At one point I hid a break in it with a tree but ended up getting it to work eventually.
11-13-18_10-16-23 PM.png
Top – I leveled out the courtyard so we could have some paths around. Lots of “terrain not flat” errors to deal with here, but it worked in the end.

I fear the build will be utterly ridiculous for playing, due to having to go up and down and all around to get to each section, but you can and I’ll do my best to make the interior sensible.


Your two cents,

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