Good Barn House

My original red build was kind of a bachelor pad and it was really fun. It was the first apartment I built from this set.

10-10-18_12-32-53 AM.png

But when I went to build the house version of it, I really wanted to build a barn-roofed house so it didn’t quite fit the original look and feel. There’s a lot of barn-roofed houses in my neighborhood.

11-15-18_2-53-37 AM

The layout of this house really ended up changing more than most of my builds, the furniture stayed the same mostly, but for some reason, it feels a bit less bachelor. (The high chair might be why.) The main floor is an open living, dining, kitchen.

11-15-18_3-02-33 AM.png

11-15-18_3-02-48 AM.png

And then a bathroom and laundry room. The laundry was a lot of fun to make. Although my Grey house has a similar room, technically I built this room first. There’s something nice about not having a laundry in a dusty basement.

11-15-18_3-03-01 AM.png11-15-18_3-03-05 AM.png

Upstairs are the three bedrooms and a family room.

11-15-18_3-04-02 AM.png

Master bedroom with attached bathroom.

11-15-18_3-04-15 AM.png11-15-18_3-04-22 AM.png

The rooms are currently planned for a child and a toddler. I think all that red might be a bit too energizing for actual kids. (Good things they are sims?)

11-15-18_3-04-30 AM.png11-15-18_3-04-44 AM.png

My favorite part is in the child’s bedroom is the tiny closet. A little secret fort of sorts.

11-15-18_3-04-38 AM.png

The backyard is large and open. There’s a patch for gardening, but nothing growing yet as it’s fall in my game.

11-15-18_3-03-35 AM.png

11-15-18_3-08-00 AM.pngThe build is on the gallery under ra3rei.

House Link

  • Packs Used: (I tried to use only a few, but failed) Seasons, Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get to Work, Parenthood, Vampires, Dine Out, Laundry Day, Toddler Stuff, Vintage Glamour, Kids Room, Spooky Stuff, Cool Kitchen, Perfect Patio
  • Lot Traits: Great soil, Homey, Breeding ground
  • Lot Details: 40×40; 3br 2bath – (Bridleton Bay – It’s a Good House )
  • Cost: §80,837


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