Orange Space

After seeing a tutorial for split level stairs, I wanted to see if I could incorporate them into my next build. Orange was the next color in my challenge. The interior had a more modern feel than my last few houses. A fan of bright colors, I’d always liked my orange apartment build.

10-10-18_12-33-02 AM.png

The main difference in layout between the two builds is the living room. Using differing foundations you can get a two or three split stair, but you do have to get creative to get the roof and house to all fit together since the different foundations can’t touch and split stairs can’t be put in a “room.”

11-15-18_8-44-37 PM.png

But in the end, I got it figured out and really love how the living room turned out. There’s a bit of oddness around the edges at the very top, but if you don’t look at the ceiling (which can’t be colored properly anyway), it looks pretty much exactly as I hoped.

11-15-18_11-29-28 PM

The house has a sideways entrance, like the original apartment which leads into the kitchen-dining area. My grandparent’s house had a front door like this and as a kid, it really confused me. (I’m not sure anyone actually used that entrance, we used the garage. That might have contributed to my youthful confusion)

11-15-18_11-27-27 PM.png

11-15-18_11-27-52 PM.png

The kitchen was perhaps the easiest room to build, as I changed only the cabinets next to the front door and some lighting. I tried really, really hard to use as few packs as possible for once and tried to pay more attention to the color limitation in this build. I did allow myself a few cheats – such as the blue accent color and brown. Orange can be really overwhelming.

11-15-18_11-28-20 PM.png

To be honest, the pet stuff fish tank coffee table looks awesome in this build (blue and orange). But I know how few people bothered to buy that pack, so I avoided it. If you download this house and have that pack, give it a chance!

11-15-18_11-28-34 PM.png

There a little laundry area tucked in the corner main room. I was torn between putting a couch next to the washer/dryer. But in the end, I liked these shelves too much. We can all pretend they’re filled with board games or something else useful rather than just blank.

The two rooms on either side of the stairs go to the kid’s bedroom and a bathroom.

11-15-18_11-28-57 PM.png11-15-18_11-29-08 PM.png

They’re pretty simple rooms. Upstairs is the master bedroom and the second bath. I cheated a bit more in this room with the blue paneling. But it was really hard to find different orange or light brown walls that still let the furniture pop.

11-15-18_11-29-35 PM.png

One of the biggest challenges was the roof over the second bathroom. Since the storey didn’t quite line up with the roof. At first, I tried adding a third story over the bathroom and little roof to make it look like a chimney – but it ended up being too tall and looked really weird. Especially with the shallow sloping of the current roof.

Then I thought to echo the roof with a little jut-up and, I think – I hope, it at least doesn’t totally break the roofline. I almost made it a skylight looking into the bathroom, but it changed the feel too much. Actually, I also wanted a skylight over the living room, but I’m just not adept enough at roofing to get away with that complex of a roof.

2018-11-15 23_45_56-Window

So that’s the build. It’s on the gallery of course (ra3rei is the name). And unlike some of my recent builds, it’s got a lot fewer packs involved! I’ll leave you with a final view of the living room. I love the illusion of the double tall windows!

11-15-18_11-28-48 PM.png

House link
Apartment Link

  • Packs Used: Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get to Work, Dine Out, Spa Day, Laundry Day, Fitness, Bowling, Backyard, Kids Room
  • Lot Traits: Natural Light, Convival
  • Lot Details: 30×20; 2br 2bath – (Brindleton Bay – Sporting Space)
  • Cost: §76,658



    • It’s one of my favorite color combinations. 🙂 Feel free to use it anytime. It’s the one downfall of building for building’s sake – the houses seem so lonely.


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